10 Surprising Uses for a Bar Soap Every Homeowner Should Know


10 Surprising Uses for a Bar Soap

10 Surprising Uses for a Bar Soap Every Homeowner Should Know

While it is true that many people nowadays prefer liquid soap, the old-fashioned bar soaps still have plenty of advantages that can help any homeowner. Bar soaps have been around for as long as I can remember and there is no sign of that changing any time soon. There isn’t much that you have to consider when choosing a bar soap that suits you. All you need to do is find a favorite brand and pick one with a favorable scent. This article takes you through 10 surprising uses for a bar soap that every homeowner should keep in mind.

Step 1. Helps in Fixing Drawers and Sliding Doors

Drawers and sliding doors will not stay in good condition forever. There comes a time when the drawers will become sticky and the sliding doors won’t open easily. However, do not despair when any of these happens. Simple take a small amount of bar soap and apply it on the edges of the drawer or in the door tracks. The soap will reduce the friction between the parts and enhance their movements.

Step 2. Freshening Your Home

As a homeowner, a bar soap can help you freshen different parts and objects in your home. For instance, be keeping scented bar soaps in areas such as your closets, drawers, cars, and suitcases, you keep them freshened for a long time. All you need to do is wrap a bar soap in a fabric cloth such as a washcloth and tuck it in any of the mentioned parts above. Additionally, you can use this trick to keep your shoes and boots free from odor.

Step 3. Helps in Furniture Assembly

Regardless of whether you are a master in woodwork or just another beginner in the field, you will still face the same problem of starting screws. However, you can go about the problem like a veteran by applying a little bar soap on the screw’s threads. Additionally, you can apply the soap to the teeth of a handsaw so that it can glide through the wood with ease.

Step 4. Cover up Mistakes Using Bar Soap

Small nail holes in your walls (probably formed after removing pictures or curtains) make your home unsightly. However, by selecting a bar soap with a color that matches your wall, you can cover the holes thereby giving your walls their original natural look. Fill the holes with bar soap up until they are of the same level then repaint the walls.

Step 5. Prevent Splatters from Paints

When painting, especially next to glass mirrors or panes, you can prevent paint splatters using a bar soap. Also, if you happen to have a little paint on the trim, you can remove it by applying some bar soap. The soap will make the paint easy to remove. According to painting experts, the process of removing excess paint using bar soap is faster and easier to tape off the windows.

Step 6. Keep Fog Away from Your Mirrors and Glasses

As a homeowner, you would want your mirrors and glasses to last for as long as possible. You will also want them to be clear so you can easily observe what happens on the other side. However, that may not happen if you have fog settling on them on a regular basis. Keep the fog away by rubbing a bar soap on the mirror or glass when dry then use a dry cloth to remove the extra streaks. You will notice that fog will hardly form on the glasses and mirrors the next time you take a shower. You can also apply the trick on eyeglasses and sunglasses as well.

Step 7. Prevent the Squeaks

Nobody likes squeaks. Simply apply bar soap on the hinges of your doors and the edges of your drawers. The bar soap will facilitate easier movements of the moving parts thereby preventing unnecessary squeaks. After applying the soap, test the parts for squeaks and add more if need be.

Step 8. Locate a Leak

Sometimes it might be very difficult to locate where your tire or kiddie pool is leaking. As a homeowner, you can always rely on a bar soap to make your work easier. Simply make a piece of bar soap damp and rub it over the areas that you suspect to be leaking. If you notice any formation of a bubble, you will straight away know that the spot is leaking. You can also use this trick when identifying leaks in a gas line.

Step 9. Protect Your Plants from Harm

As a homeowner, you probably have some plants in your garden that you treasure. However, these plants will always come under threat from animals such as deer. You can counter the threat by using shrubs (or a mesh) to hang a bar of soap to keep away the predators. Alternatively, you can rub some soap on the undersides of your plants to get rid of pests and aphids.

Step 10. Sew with Ease

If you like sewing, a bar soap should be one of your best friends. According to some of the best tailors, they confess that they use bar soap to mark the hems and seam lines. In the end, this guarantees easier and accurate sewing. Additionally, you can also keep your sewing needs and pins in a bar soap for easier location and convenience not to mention that you can use the bar soap to unstick a zipper.


For many people, a bar soap is purely for cleaning, in which most of them prefer liquid soap for that function. However, there is more to a bar soap that simply cleaning. As a homeowner, you will find this product useful in so many other ways. For instance, the soap can help in sewing, protecting your plants from harm, locating a leak in your home, and preventing squeaks to mention a few. All you have to do is find a favorite brand of bar soap with a good scent and you are good to go. Remember, the scent and color will also play a part in how you are going to use your bar soap at home.

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