Best Air Compressor Fittings – Complete Guide And Reviews 2021

    best air compressor fittings

    One of the most versatile and powerful tools is undoubtedly the air compressor. In most cases, it is combined with other tools to increase efficiency and productivity. Whether your air compressor has unique features or higher PSI, you need the right fittings and accessories to ensure that it works optimally.  That is why you need this best air compressor fittings review and buyer’s guide.

    These fittings are important because they are used to connect other tools or accessories to the air compressor. You might not know this, but choosing the right kind of fitting is challenging for most people and not just you. There are so many different manufacturers in the current market, therefore, leaving many consumers confused. Yes, it is great when you have options, but too many options can be a bad thing especially when most of the products turn out to be of low quality.

    Top 5 best air compressor fittings

    This ultimate review and buyers guide on the best air compressor fitting should help you make an informed decision before making any purchases. We will go through everything you need to know about air compressor fittings including factors you need to consider, how to determine the exact fitting sizes, and ensuring you have a strong seal during connections. We will conclude with an in-depth review of the top five best air compressor fittings to help you narrow down your choices.

    Determining the exact best air compressor fittings sizes

    Most people find themselves in that awkward position where they have all the tools and connections, but don’t seem to know the exact fitting sizes that they need. This is especially challenging when you need to fit a new hose or replace a connector.

    Let me start by stating out that most tools use either ¼ or 1/8 inch connectors especially when it comes to contractor and consumer gear. However, this might not always be the case and you need to know how to calculate the right sizes.

    To determine the size of your fitting port, measure the diameter of the port. Make sure it is right across the center and have it in inches. Once you have the right measurement, you will know the pipe size and therefore finding a replacement will be relatively easier.

    How to get a strong seal when placing new fittings

    When attaching any hardware to your air compressor using new fittings, you need to ensure that you use the right thread size and crate a robust seal. This is usually challenging to most consumers especially when it is there first time dealing with fittings.

    The process sounds difficult, but it is relatively simple once you know how to achieve a strong seal. The easiest way to get a strong seal is by attaching a Teflon tape into the thread. Yes, sometimes you might adhere to the exact standards required but there are always chances of air escaping through the fitting. The Teflon tape helps to create a tighter seal that lasts until you need to replace the fitting.

    Ensure that you wrap the Teflon tape in such a manner that it covers the male thread but does not overlap the connector’s end. The Teflon tape should equally not extend to the thread end because the high pressures might just it dislodged which will cause blockages in the long run.

    You must ensure that you use just enough of the Teflon tape for a more effective strong seal. Just ensure that you don’t use excess or overlap the tape which will cause blockages. When wrapping the male connector with Teflon tape, you must exercise precision. Take your time and ensure that you get the job done effectively. A strong seal will ensure that your air compressor works effectively and efficiently as required.

    Is Teflon tape packed with couplings?

    You might have come across some air compressor fittings already packed with Teflon tape. This is not unheard off and some manufacturers actually prefer doing this. However, there are also some couplings that come with a sealant within them. This sealant is some kind of paste or putty that creates the perfect seal when working with connectors. Ensure you go through the product description to determine whether you will need a Teflon tape or not.

    Most air compressors from the leading brands come with the sealing paste already in the fittings. However, when doing any replacement, ensure that you clean off the excess sealant before wrapping a new Teflon tape.

    Things to consider when choosing the best air hose quick connect

    Finding the right air compressor fittings is not a simple task and you should not just pick from a revised list. You really need to take your time and understand all the individual fitting features and how they work. When it comes to choosing the best air compressor fittings there are certain considerations that you need to have in mind.

    1. Fitting port size

    Just as stated earlier, the fittings have to be airtight. Get the right measurements as explained earlier and getting quick-connect fittings should not be a problem. Understand that if your tool has been in use several times, then the standard ¼ and 1/8 inch might not fit correctly.

    Since you already know the fitting port size, finding the best air compressor fittings should not be too difficult. As stated earlier on there are several options in the market to choose from. Start by eliminating all the options that are not an exact match for your fitting port size. This should give you a base on where to start.

    2. Automotive or industrial air fittings

    Labels usually leave many consumers confused especially when it comes to air compressor fittings. Some are labeled industrial while others are labeled automotive, and this is a huge challenge. One simple look at these two labels and most people start panicking.

    In reality, however, there is no difference between automotive and industrial air fittings. Both of the labels simply indicate compatibility when it comes to the standard measurement. This means that the label should not make a difference once you have the right size. Remember that compression fittings are accessories and it, therefore, doesn’t matter whether they are automotive or industrial.

    It comes back down to the measurements. As long as your measurements are correct both automotive and industrial air fittings will work just fine.

    3. Color coding

    When shopping for air compressor fittings, you will notice different color coding. Contrary to popular belief, this is not to beautify the product but rather indicate the different fitting types. Industrial air fittings are red and referred to as type D. ARO fittings are green in color and referred to as type B, while the automotive fittings are blue in color and referred to as type C.

    You must, therefore, pay a keen interest in color-coding when choosing the best air compressor fittings. In most cases, however, the product description will indicate whether you’re purchasing an ARO, industrial or automotive is fitting.

    4. Material

    The best air compressor fittings should be made from a material that is rust-resistant and non-corrosive. This is very important because you need the fitting to be long-lasting and not something you change periodically.

    Ensure that the material used to manufacture the air compressor fitting is either brass or steel. We need these fittings as long-lasting as possible because replacing them often might lead to problems with your air compressor. Also, remember that these fittings cost money, and we don’t want to spend money more often that we need.

    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Air Compressor Fittings

    What are air compressor fittings used for?

    The air compressor fittings are used to connect compatible tools and lines an air compressor. These air compressor fittings, therefore, need to be of high quality and standard. Compatible tools and lines will work effectively when connected to the air compressor with the right fittings.

    Must I get a regulator along with the fittings?

    You don’t need to get a regulator, but it is very important in helping to maintain low-pressure levels. In an ideal environment, you should always use the lowest pressure on your air compressor so that it might last longer. The good news is that regulators are not expensive and will cost you just a little bit extra. Remember that it is, however, not compulsory and you can work without it. I would recommend that you get one if you don’t have one.

    Should I use Teflon tape?

    Yes, always use Teflon tape as instructed in this buyer's guide and review. It is true that some fittings are airtight, but it is equally important to be safe than sorry in the long run. Teflon tape is a good way of ensuring that your fittings are airtight and they are relatively simple to use. Go to your local hardware store and purchase Teflon tape should you not have one already in your home.

    What is the standard hose pipe size?

    Universally, the diameter of a standard hose pipe should be ¼ inches while the length is about 50 feet. Remember this is the universal standard size but is not true for every manufacturer. Some manufacturers have hose pipes with different dimensions according to customer preference. The good news is that the sizes are always indicated in the product description.

    What is the difference between an automatic coupler and a manual coupler?

    When dealing with a manual coupler, you will have to pull back the sleeve before inserting the plug. With the automatic coupler, you simply need to push it in and it will connect by itself. This is the only difference between an automatic coupler and a manual coupler.

    How many times does my air compressor need to be serviced?

    This will entirely depend on how often you use your air compressor. As long as you don’t have any leaking problems with your compressor fittings, then servicing once a year will do. However, when it leaks irregularly then you need to perform servicing every two months to ensure your compressor is working effectively.

    1. YOTOO Heavy Duty Air Compressor Accessory Kit

    This is a great air compressor 20-piece accessory kit by YOTOO that includes 3/8 inches x 25 inches hybrid air hose, ¼ inch NPT air tool kit, 100 PSI tire infiltrator gauge, air hose fittings, and blowgun. It is a basic accessory kit that includes all that you need to start your project.

     The air chuck, inflation gun, and tire gauge are combined to one easy unit to help you inflate car tires more effectively. Made from rugged aluminum with a nice chrome-plated finish to ensure it is long-lasting. The corrosion-resistant construction makes it one of the most ideal choices when it comes to air compressor fittings.

    The air hose included is made from blended PVC and rubber material which makes it both reliable and durable. The 25-foot length will ensure the user gets more flexibility and freedom of movement when working on different projects. The brass end fittings also ensure that you can use it for a long time and help increase the life of the hose consequently.

    11-piece industrial steel heavy duty ¼ inch air hose fittings make the YOTOO Heavy Duty Air Compressor Accessory Kit one of the greatest choices when it comes to air compressor fittings. Plugs and couplers are made from hardened steel which is not only long-lasting but also rust-resistant.


    Product Name

    YOTOO Heavy Duty Air Compressor Accessory Kit 20-Piece, 1/4" NPT Air Tool Kit with 100 PSI Tire Inflator Gauge, 3/8" x25' Hybrid Air Hose, Blow Gun and Air Hose Fittings


    • Durable
    • Great value set
    • Couplers seal uptight and good
    • Changing attachments is easy and fast


    • A bit difficult to connect

    2. FYPower 22 Pieces Air Compressor Accessories kit

    This 22 pieces air compressor accessory kit from FYPower includes 3/8 inch x 25-foot Hybrid Air Compressor Hose Kit, Tire Inflator Gauge, couplers, ¼ inch NPT Quick Connect Air Fittings, Swivel plugs, and  Heavy Duty Blow Gun.

    The FYPower 22 Pieces Air Compressor Accessories kit was designed for professional-grade mechanical work making it a great choice. The tools, fittings, plugs, and connectors are made from premium brass, corrosion-resistant steel, and rubber PVC. It is considered as a heavy-duty air compressor fittings due to the materials used in its construction.

    The hybrid air hose is lightweight and flexible giving you more freedom to work on the different projects. You get a stable PSI of 300 thanks to the ¼ inch MNPT and FNPT couplers. When dealing with air compressors a stable PSI is very important, especially when handling delicate projects.

    One feature that I found unique about the FYPower 22 Pieces Air Compressor Accessories kit is the number of universal attachments and accessories included. It suits all your air compressor fitting needs quite well. Everything you need is right there and you don’t need to add any other parts which are incredible. The simple fact that buying one accessory kit gives you access to everything you might need, me excited about this model.

    It also includes a 1-year warranty which is pretty adequate and shows you the level of the manufacture’s confidence with the product. This shows you that it is a high-quality product that you should definitely take a look at.


    Product Name

    FYPower 22 Pieces Air Compressor Accessories kit, 3/8 inch x 25 ft Hybrid Air Compressor Hose Kit, 1/4" NPT Quick Connect Air Fittings, Tire Inflator Gauge, Heavy Duty Blow Gun, Swivel Plugs


    • Universal attachments and accessories
    • Heavy-duty craftsmanship
    • 1-year warranty
    • 22-piece air compressor lit
    • Great value


    • Male ends more than female ends

    3. WYNNsky Air Tool and Compressor Accessory Kit

    The 17 piece WYNNsky air tool and compressor accessory kit include 1/4 Inch NPT Air Hose Fittings with Tire Gauge, Blow Gun and Storage Case. It is a versatile air compressor accessory kit that is suitable for carrying out several projects.

    The ¼ inch industrial-grade quick coupler and plug are easy and quick to connect. Even with no experience when it comes to air compressor fittings, you will find that making the connections is rather simple with this accessory kit.

    All the threads include a sealant that makes connections easy and give you a better sealing. You will use the Teflon tape but once connected the sealant ensures that you experience zero leakages. The air blow gun includes a safety nozzle which makes its functionality flawless.

    What I found most appealing about the WYNNsky Air Tool and Compressor Accessory Kit is the consumer-friendly price. When on a budget, this is the most practical choice that doesn’t compromise quality and functionality. The durable storage case is also a huge plus since it makes the organization and storage simple.

    Now some consumers complain that the number of pieces contained in the WYNNsky Air Tool and Compressor Accessory Kit is not enough for some projects. However, the functionality is considered above average by all its users. When using the air compressor fittings ensure that you use Teflon tape to get a strong long-lasting seal.


    Product Name

    WYNNsky Air Tool and Compressor Accessory Kit, 1/4 Inch NPT 17 Piece Air Hose Fittings with Blow Gun, Tire Gauge and Storage Case


    • Pocket-friendly
    • Easy to connect
    • Includes a storage case
    • Threads include a sealant


    • Made from weak material
    • Not enough pieces

    4. Air Fittings, Solid Brass Quick Connect Set, Air Coupler and Plug Kit, Industrial 1/4" NPT Air Tool Fittings Set with Storage Case (16-Piece)

    This air compressor fitting kit is constructed from premium materials which include solid brass that is both corrosion and rust-resistant. It is a 16-piece set that includes 8 male plugs, 4 female plugs, 2 female couplers, and 2 male couplers thus ensuring that it covers everything.

    It is well organized in a provided storage case that makes it convenient for home-owners. You can rest easy knowing that you can’t lose fittings easily after handling. The advantage of a storage kit is that you get an inventory after every use and it also helps you get more organized.

    It is a quick connection design that makes it easy to disconnect and connect with a simple motion of push and pull. This feature makes this air compressor fittings more practical to amateurs. You don’t have to be a professional to use the Air Fittings, Air Coupler, and Plug Kit.

    It also provides a maximum pressure of 300 PSI which is adequate when handling the different projects. The solid brass construction is undoubtedly its most appealing feature. This kit will last long when used appropriately. Remember to use Teflon tape although it is not included in the provided kit.


    Product Name

    Air Fittings, Air Coupler and Plug Kit, Solid Brass Quick Connect Set, Industrial 1/4" NPT Air Tool Fittings Set with Storage Case (16-Piece)


    • Premium construction material
    • Great value
    • Storage case
    • Quick and easy to connect


    • Some parts not labeled correctly

    5. YOTOO 19 Pieces Air Hose Fittings, ¼ inch NPT Industrial Air Coupler & Plug Kit

    This 19-piece air hose fitting kit from YOTOO is made from heavy-duty steel making it one of the most durable designs in the market. It includes standard size fittings that are widely used making it quite practical.

    It is recommended that you use a thread sealer, and the good news is that it is included in the package. The included thread sealer is of high quality and will ensure you get a strong air-tight seal. The coupler and plugs have a ¼ inch-18 NPT thread which is universally used.

    The YOTOO 19 Pieces Air Hose Fittings, 1/4 NPT Industrial Air Coupler & Plug Kit includes the following: 6 male quick plugs, 4 female quick plugs, 2 male quick couplers, 2 female couplers, 2 male couplings of ¼ inches x ¼ inches, 2 female couplings of ¼ inch x ¼ inch, and 1-piece Teflon tape. All these parts are conveniently packed in a plastic case, therefore making storage simple.

    The YOTOO 19 Pieces Air Hose Fittings, 1/4 NPT Industrial Air Coupler & Plug Kit includes a 1-year warranty which shows the manufacturers confidence in the product. Should you encounter any difficulties then you can contact the manufacturer and have the problem sorted out.

    What I found admirable about the YOTOO 19 Pieces Air Hose Fittings, 1/4 NPT Industrial Air Coupler & Plug Kit is the steel construction material that is zinc plated. It is of high-quality and will last long when used appropriately.


    Product Name

    YOTOO 19 Pieces Air Hose Fittings, 1/4 NPT Industrial Air Coupler & Plug Kit with Storage Case


    • Heavy-duty steel construction 
    • Includes Teflon tape
    • 19-piece air compressor fitting kit
    • 1-year warranty


    • Small plastic casing


    When choosing the best air compressor fittings to suit your needs there are a lot of things that you must consider as you have already learned. Ensure you go through the different available products before making your pick.

     My choice has to be the YOTOO 19 Pieces Air Hose Fittings, 1/4 NPT Industrial Air Coupler & Plug Kit because of the construction, material, warranty and quality of the product. Its price is equally pocket-friendly and you get value back.

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