Best Air Compressor for Painting Cars Reviews in 2020

    best air compressor for painting cars

    Painting a car does not imply painting a wood piece. Mechanics and also ardent homeowners have to be fitted with the correct colors to give their car a fresh color. This is why you need one of the better air compressors for vehicles. The best air compressor for painting cars should be compatible with most paint sprayers and provide the paint with continuous air flow. The compressor increases the paint sprayer 's efficiency and the finished result can appear like it came out from the plant in the form of a good standardized finish on the automobile.

    List of 5 best air compressor for painting cars

    So we agreed, after a lot of testing, to list five best air compressor for painting cars that dominate the industry. This air compressors have special characteristics that render you surprised. Learn and pick the best bet from these reviews.

    1. Ultra Silent air compressor for painting cars California Air Tools 8010

    Now it would be something of a breeze to paint the vehicle. You can say farewell to those noisy days, as the name implies, with this air compressor in your arsenal.

    It has a sonority of not more than 60 decibels, rendering the air compressor one of the quietest on the market. This heavy-duty creature, built of sturdy stainless steel, provides the utmost longevity.

    While the air compressor will hold approx. 8.0 gallons of air within it, it is very lightweight. It is 54 lbs only. But without making yourself a tough time, you can transfer it wherever you want.

    Furthermore, you get what you need from it when it comes to power. The 8010 is supplied with a 1.0 HP engine from California Air Tools. At 1680 RPM it spins super easily. The lifetime is more than 3000 hours relative to the usual models on the market.

    You go up to 3.00 CFM at 40 PSI when you get 2.0 CFM at 90 PSI on the other side. Furthermore, you get up to 120 PSI at peak, unlike mainstreams.

    Thanks to its anti-rust property, rust and corrosion do not need to worry at all. Moreover, you would require less maintenance since it is an oil-free pump.


    • Noiseless operation; no more than 60 decibels of sound
    • Money for total longevity crafted from stainless steel.
    • May contain in it up to 8.0 gallons of air
    • Very light, so it can be transported quickly everywhere
    • 1.0 HP engine spins 1680 RPM
    • Survives for over 3000 hours until it is worn
    • You have a cumulative PSI of 120
    • Faces rust and corrosion safety for optimum longevity


    • It is supplied with less fuel

    2. Compressor for Painting Industrial Air IL1682066

    You can get your hands on the best air compressor for painting cars from Industrial Air if you want consistent power and efficiency. This time, IL1682066 is carried by the giant. What separates it? For now, this is all we will find out about.

    The 1.6 HP engine provides you with the optimum power that you require. The producers include a specific cylindrical technology, the V-twin, to allow the output its best.

    Do not forget the fact that you get up to 6.2 CFM at 40 PSI, although you get 5.3 CFM on 90 PSI on the other side. In other terms, the maximum PSI of this beast is 135.

    The 120 volt outlet can be attached to the dual voltage generator. You can transform it to a 240 volt quickly if you like.

    This one is also provided with an oily pump that links hands with sophisticated technologies for the belt push. Therefore, you are not going to require any upkeep.

    Even though the air compressor is fairly strong, both of these are said to be so quiet, that you do not even know it is functioning. You can find the process tough, but the controls on board make things simple for you. Tanks, regulators and pressure gauges are easy to access.

    With regard to the scale, it may produce up to 20 gallons of air. So soon, you are not going to run out of the air. Thanks to the pneumatic wheels, you can carry it wherever you want. The front handles allow travel.


    • 1.6 HP engine provides maximum speed
    • Technology for special cylinders
    • Max 135 PSI is usable
    • Compatible with either 120 or 240 volts outlet
    • Comes with pump and belt drive technology with oily lubrication
    • A noiseless activity is experienced.
    • Simple activity on-board access
    • Takes air of up to 20 gallons


    • A tad pricey in relation to what is available

    3. C2002 Pancake Compressor PORTER-CABLE C2002

    You will want to take a peek at the petrol-free Porter Cable compressor if you are still searching for the right automotive paint air compressor.

    A compressor that combines with a distinctive appearance is better recognized for its compact form. You can never fail to believe it is pretty cute when you look at it. In comparison, the air compressor is very lightweight and can be transported with the one hand easily.

    However, its usefulness can not be judged by its presence. This air compressor gives max 150 PSI, unlike mainstream compressors. That was not coming you saw, did you? You get up to 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI to ensure the compressor is retrieved very easily.

    The turbine, however, consumes 120 volts for efficient service. And what do you guess? You can start the engine like that even in cold weather. You can attach several tools with this compressor to render your job of painting easier and simpler; working with them is quick and cozy at the same time.

    It has a full variety of impressive functionality, and indeed has a tank of 6 gallons. This could be a little frustrating for you after hearing about the above 8-gallon and 20-gallon containers.

    But you can note the air compressors, of this scale, have fewer tank space if you do your home garage work and evaluate them. Now for you there is a luminous hand.

    The producers have made the pump hard to help all the rifts to increase its longevity. The package also provides a console cover that guarantees that all of the compressor's critical components are covered.


    • It has a good esthetic consistency
    • It is small and lightweight
    • Up to 150 PSI are usable at peak
    • You have 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI
    • Quite strong engine
    • Has a capacity tank of 6 gallons
    • High-speed pump sports
    • Console cover covers the critical elements


    • Can be longer lasting

    4. Air Compressor Gun DEWALT Pancake

    We do not feel we have anything to talk about DEWALT to you. This giant is one step forward relative to the others of the industry when it comes to hardware. The Pancake air compressor will be supplied this time with DEWALT as the best air compressor for painting cars.

    First off, the luxury esthetic lets you wow when you glance at it. In comparison to the mainstream, the DEWALT pancake air compressor offers up to 165 PSI.

    The 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI from now on is basically a slice of cake. This ensures that the compressor will work long because it is healing quicker. In comparison, the engine may be started blinkered up. It is very effective to operate 124V. It is a extremely efficient.

    While the builders are a little budget friendly, a high-flow controller in the pancakes compressor was not missing. In exchange, it provides you with improved output reviews.

    However, you are not going to run out of the oxygen from now on. This is provided with a 6,0 gallon tank for a pancake compressor, which is sufficient for continuous air pressure to be obtained.

    You would obviously say, since it is a potent compressor, it produces one heck of a tone, right? False! False! It should not reach 75.5 decibels of noise level at all. Which means you get a relaxed atmosphere.

    The DEWALT pancake compressor is fitted with a solid body for optimum longevity. The console cover guarantees that the controls and critical compressor components remain stable.

    You should lift it with your blown paws, and carry it with you anywhere, since it weights no more than 30 lbs. This DEWALT air compressor is definitely a top-ranking painting car air compressor.


    • Has an excellent design and aesthetics
    • Provides up to 165 PSI
    • You have 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI
    • Has a high flow management device
    • Its 6.0 gallons air tank can be used.
    • The level of sound does not exceed 75.5 decibels
    • It has a robust body
    • Console cover covers controllers and main components
    • It is simple to hold and compact.


    • The ball bearings are very weak in the fitting pads

    5. Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor Makita MAC5200

    How do you know if you are using the best air compressor for painting cars? All is said by the brand. We spoke about giants such as Porter Cable and DEWALT, and now we have the Makita MAC5200.

    This air compressor has a 3.0 HP engine to ensure that the paint work is right. This engine has a powerful efficiency. The engine has an incorporated thermal overload that strengthens its safety system.

    Moreover, you get 6,5 CFM at 90 PSI while you get 6,9 CFM at 40 PSI at the same moment. The overall PSI you earn is 140, so you can reach the best efficiency.

    The compressor has a large industrial filter that leads to the increase in air intake, to increase the productivity. This implies greater productivity than ever before.

    This is just the achievement, now. This beast here understands how to fight all the abusses when it comes to toughness. The broad bore and pump cylinder are constructed of durable cast iron. Both wear may be minimized whilst the pump 's life is improved. This compressor will be seen for years to come.
    And in rough work places, you can use this compressor. It has a cage-roller that ensures that the entire body is protected against threats of any kind.

    Although with a heavy construction and a few beautiful features, the MAC5200 from Makita is very lightweight.

    With its low-profile design, it can be stored everywhere with room problems. The handles can be folded, too. If required, the powerful rollers can help you move the compressor anywhere you want.


    • The engine is fitted with 3.0 hp
    • The incorporated thermal overload strengthens the safety mechanism
    • Max. 140 PSI is usable
    • Broad industrial filter improves intake of air
    • The cylinder and pump are both constructed of strong iron cast.
    • Roll cage building for the longest possible life
    • Compact and bright in structure
    • Strong wheels help you take it everywhere


    • The rings are not as long lasting as they seem.

    How to pick the right air compressors to spray your cars

    Air compressors expel the strength of air which is forced through your car to allow it to force a continuous stream of paint. Because air compressors may be used for a large range of devices and appliances, one suitable for paint sprayers should be bought. But there are more Conss to consider to further limit the requirements.

    Pressure from Air: The compressor is primarily measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) by the amount of airflow. Airless spraying paints will need more PSI to be used on HVLP paint sprayers, so make sure the compressor has a sufficient PSI for the job while using an airless sprayer. The same can be said of HVLP-sprayers, which need PSI-low and PSI-increased compressors.

    Feet in Cubic Minutes: Cubic feet per minute (CFM) are the volume of air a compressor will provide at a specified pressure. This is one of the most significant reasons for your choice of product. Since paint sprayers are continually used to spray paint, they need a higher CFM rating than most other air compressor devices. You will end up with the color paint that runs unevenly or breaks out of the dust as you spray it if you have fewer of the CfM for your pump than the paint sprayer needs.

    Scale of the tank: The compressor size is also an essential factor in ensuring you have reliably the correct capacity. Painting automobiles can be a very challenging process, so it would not be feasible to cut a little, inexpensive compressor. Look for an air compressor with a capacity of 50 gallons or more to render this functionality more effective.

    Wearability: Many air compressors have a series of wheels and a handle to toast it from one place to the next. These compressors can be too large to lift alone, but they are not as large as other compressors you may purchase. Any air compressors weigh between 300 and 400 livres and have no collection of wheels.

    Without two or three people to support you it is very challenging to drive these compressors. Many of the larger compressors are upright compressors on the positive side, which saves room in your driveway or workspace.

    Popular problems with air compressors and spray arms and how they should be handled

    You would definitely have some issues as you use air compressors and spray arms for painting. Understand when you work with computers and there are some problems often. This guide lets you grasp the typical challenges and how to manage them properly.

    1. Bubbles spray gun: There is definitely a CFM issue when you see the bubbles flowing out of the spray gun. This means that the air compressor and the spray arms do not produce the right CFM for the mission due to leakage. In order to figure out the cause of the leakage, you can inspect your controller and connectors carefully. Once the cause of the leak has been found, make sure you solve it and solve the dilemma.

    2. Issue with low pressure: Most people have a low-pressure problem, typically because of the tube length. The presión causing it to collapse due to the distance traveled would likely conflict with a long trap. Reduce the hose length and the strength should be adequate to accomplish the work. You can even wait a few minutes and recover the stresses, but this is not a cure for the restoration of the strain.

    If you have a wide system, the regulator or the leakage connectors can trigger the low-pressure issue. Make sure the leaking connections are patched and the regulator is tested to address the issue.

    3. Dripping: Water in the line is the most frequent source of falling. If a moisture trap is found in your compressor, ensure that it is empty and safe. Wipe a rag or use a drier for improved performance. The compressor humidity pit. In a tense atmosphere with loads of heat and moisture, this is a typical problems.

    4. Customization: This is extremely common if the air from the air compressor and the job style clearly do not align. This dilemma allows you to wait before the compressor generates the correct pressure and air for the mission.

    5. Finish Unven: An unparalleled issue with air compressor painting with spray arms is that it is not even. This is generally an indicator of three things: you are new to work, you have bad technology, or you did not properly clean the surface before the work. Everything you need with the methodology is experience before you pursue the work. However, if you have not adequately cleaned the floor, then you must restart the job. Remove the paint and aggressively clear the surface before starting to paint again.

    Any of the issues of air compressor and spray gun painting are really simple to address. It is therefore important to make sure that you have the correct tools and that the amount of challenges you face is well managed.

    What size do you require an air compressor to paint a car?

    The scale obviously plays a role in the air compressor option and the more gallons you are usually willing to get for a paint sprayer for vehicles, the bigger the air compressor is.

    The sort of vehicle you have, at least a gallon capacity can be supplied by an air compressor since anything less would allow you to take longer to paint the car body.

    You can buy an air compressor that has 30 to 50 gallions of air, whether you have a cup or sedan that you wish to paint, as this should be adequate to cover the exterior of the cars at any time. If you own an SUV or van, a compressor air with approximately 50 to 60 gallons should be given. You would take 70 or more gallons for automobiles such as trucks to suit the outer trailer in one go.

    When you have a tiny gallon air compressor, this ensures that you can vent the air in the center of the spray, meaning the paint avoids spraying because of the lack of oxygen. Get a robust air compressor with more than adequate power for your paint job such that this does not happen.

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