Top 10 Best Air Compressors For Spray Painting in 2021

    best air compressors for spray painting

    The best air compressors for spray painting lying around waiting for the right compressor to line up, your spray painting tasks can become more enjoyable. The key problem, though, is the option of the correct compressor to control the paint sprayer in the job. When it comes to picking a compressor for your spray paint ventures, the least you need is a 30-gallon compressor.

    A 30-gallon compressor is ideal if you think minor tasks such as spray painting furniture. If you are dreaming about painting a car frame, you may use it to spray paint a car wall, but then you would have to wait for the compressor to reload until you move ahead. You are not going to be able to spray several car panels with one fee.

    I have mentioned the top 10 best air compressors for spray painting, and I assume that a more in-depth glance at each of them would help you pick the right model for your needs. So, here's a thorough assessment of each of them.

    10 best air compressors for spray painting:





    Commercial Ventilation IL1682066.MN Compact Ventilation Compressors

    Makita MAC700 Gallion Air Compressor

    Air Generator DWFP55126

    Bostitch Air Compressor BTFP02012

    DeWalt Air Compressor DXCMPA1982054

    Machita MAC2400 Air Compressor

    Air Generator California Air Tools 8010

    California Air Equipment 2010 Air Compressor

    Air Compressor Vx PLA4708065

    ILA4546065 Air Compressor for industrial air

    1. Commercial Ventilation IL1682066.MN Compact Ventilation Compressors

    Industrial Air IL1682066 MN is a little bit costly. It tops the list of best air compressors for spray painting You will possibly find some 20-gallon air compressors in a better offer than IL1680266, but I want to think that it is like first-class travel instead of a sofa in a commercial airline.

    It is loaded with a single-stage V-twin-cylinder cast iron pump. Air compression happens in two cylinders at the same time, and thus more compressed air is generated at the same time and guided to the cylinder at the same time.

    The 20-gallon tank is classified ASME, so you can withstand high enough pressure to fuel your air tools. In reality, a maximum pressure of 135 PSI can be stored to allow you to run your high-air-demand equipment and the compressor can keep up with it. Once the tank is filled completely, it turns off automatically, then begins again on its own while running low on the oxygen.


    • It is coming with free oil
    • Simple to exploit
    • Comes with a two-year guarantee
    • Long-Term


    • Water had to be filled throughout the wheels 

    2. Makita MAC700 Gallion Air Compressor

    While the Makita MAC700 is one of the smallest air compressors you can find when it comes to tank capacity, it definitely has its pecks. It is the second on the list of best air compressors for spray painting.

    When you get the MAC700, Makita promises a silent single cylinder compressor that fills up really easily. Oh, after checking this compressor, you can notice it fills in less than 2 minutes. The Makita MAC700 has the potential to fill up so easily thanks to the sort of pump it is fitted with. The pump cylinder has a wider bore, a wider piston, and a longer stroke duration relative to other pumps in the same class.

    Being an oiled compressor is another explanation why the MAC700 works very quietly. It has an oil-view glass that helps you to quickly check the color and amount of the oil in the compressor, either to top it up to the appropriate amount of oil or to remove bad oil using the oil-flow valve and refill it with fresh compressor oil, which is normally supplied with the unit. Apart from the noiseless design, it recovers very easily when the ride begins. When the compressor tank is under the optimal pressure for service, it begins to run or the pump works on its own and continues to fill the tank again, and in less than 2 minutes, the 2.6-gallon tank is full and ready for usage. It can contain around 3.3 CFM of air at 90 PSI.


    • Double the horsepower of any other similar air compressors currently on the market.
    • Built with health and safety in mind
    • Durable and easy to handle.


    • It has no spokes but it needs to be pushed
    • Some users find the 2.6-gallon tank quite restricted, but it is quite subjective.

    3. Air Generator DWFP55126

    There are some 6-gallon air compressors out there that you can pick from. The Dewalt DWFP55126 6 gallon air compressor is, nevertheless, one of the top of the list. It can contain 2.6 SCFM air at a pressure of 90 PSI. If you require air at higher pressures, it is capable of supplying air at a maximum pressure of 165 PSI.

    Both the 6-gallon compressors you are going to find are oil-less, and the typical problem about them is that they create a lot of noise. However, it is quieter than any of the others you are likely to come across. You will hold a discussion with someone near 70 decibels of noise and though it is on.

    As described above, the best air compressors for spray painting is oil-based or oil-free, which ensures that there is no need to add oil while using it, which ensures based maintenance is required.

    When the compressor is full, it is advised that the air remaining in the tank be drained. In order to render this effortless, Dewalt fitted it with a ball drain at the bottom (not at the center). When it comes to weight, it is just 30 lbs, which is sort of light, if you ask me. It is a very compact air compressor for home use. While it is more costly than the other 6-gallon air compressors, after using it, you would be happy you paid the extra cash to get it.


    • Comes with a well-sized tank with a capacity of up to 6 gallons
    • Quite low in weight and quick to travel
    • Quite silent because there is no noise leakage
    • Starts easily at outdoor areas and in the coldest of climates.


    • This air compressor does not have any pedals, so it must always be lifted.

    The electrical cord may be off-putting and can be a point of lack of interest to certain consumers or DIYers, when it may reach on the way.

    4. Bostitch Air Compressor BTFP02012

    The Bostitch BTFP02012 and the Dewalt DWFP55126 is the fourth on this list of best air compressors for spray painting and are virtually the same compressors, the fundamental distinction being that they are manufactured by separate firms, Bostitch and Dewalt. Both of them are oilless compressors. Thus, they need fewer care.

    It is a 6-gallon air compressor that will generate a high pressure of 150 PSI, a little less than its Dewalt equivalent, and it is not going to make a lot of difference during operation. The SCFM of 2.6 can be generated at a pressure of 90 PSI.

    As mentioned earlier, it is an oil-free compressor, but it is not going to be simple on your ears so you should care about wearing ear protection while you are using this tool. It is loaded with a high-efficiency engine to hold the compressor pump up and going also in colder climates. Two couplers offer you the chance to use your pal's air compressor at the same time.

    It is a 6-gallon air compressor, but if you are dealing with any energy-intensive equipment, you can consume the energy very fast, so if you keep the engine going, the compressor can recharge really easily so you can start operating at a steady rate.


    • Separate read gauges
    • Strong value at reduced quality
    • It has a volume of 6 gallons.
    • Petroleum free pump


    • The warranty is just for a year.
    • The power cord is just 5 foot long. You are going to need to connect an extension with expanded coverage around the work site.

    5. DeWalt Air Compressor DXCMPA1982054

    If you simply want an best air compressors for spray painting that you can use to handle more difficult jobs in the project, or you would want an air compressor that will work more than a simple 6-gallon air compressor, a 20-gallon air compressor like the DeWalt DXCMPA1982054 20-gallon best air compressors for spray painting is sure to step up the game.

    It can contain up to 5.7 CFM of air at 90 PSI. It is filled with a cast iron, a twin cylinder, a lubricated oil pump. Oil lubrication ensures you may not have to think too much about the heat, but you always have to keep an eye on the liquid, to make sure it has plenty of it.

    The pump is operated by a heavy-duty induction turbine, which means that the compressor works continuously. It is really easy to use and control because it comes with good on-board regulator gauges, and fast connecting air outlets to make it simple and immediate to mount your hoses or supplies.

    You will operate it using the standard 120 volt power outlet in your garage. However, it is advised that you build a dedicated 15-amp circuit for the compressor on your own. Since it operates on 120 volts, you can also convert it to 240 volts if you like.


    • Durable, renewable
    • Project leak-proof
    • It has pneumatic wheels that have a minimal footprint for simple versatility.
    • It has a front handle that helps you to switch it to different work sites with ease.


    • Do not have a system for sewage
    • It takes a lot of power to work

    6. Machita MAC2400 Air Compressor

    Like the MAC700, the Makita MAC2400 is fitted with a wide bore pump, which is built to allow the compressor recovery phase fast when the tank loses energy. It comes fitted with a 4.2-gallon twin stacked tank for improved running time before recovery is required. The compressor is capable of maintaining a high pressure of 130 PSI and produces an air pressure of 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI.

    It has two couplers right at the front where the pressure gage is used to enable the usage of two air tools, and a black dial is given to lift or lower the pressure as desired.

    It is an oil lubricated compressor, but not only does it work cooler, it is much louder than oil-free compressors. Another option for Makita to minimize noise is to make the engine operate at a lower RPM relative to other air compressors in its class. The lower RPM plus oil is lubricated and often constructed of strong cast iron eliminates the wear and tear of the pump, meaning that you get more years of use out of it. As far as electrical specifications are concerned, you can operate the usual 120 volt circuit in your house.


    • Calm service
    • Comes with a lubricated oil engine
    • Two hose outlets allow the device more powerful than some
    • Large ranking of the CFM


    • Simple to be compact
    • Poor power of tank

    7. Air Generator California Air Tools 8010 best air compressors for spray painting

    If you want to purchase a very silent best air compressors for spray painting, the California Air Tools 8010 is one of the greatest you can find. It is an 8-gallon air compressor that generates 2.2 CFM of air at 90 PSI and has the ability to hold and compress air at a high pressure of 120 PSI. The 1 HP engine runs at a speed of only 1680 RPM, which stops the dual piston pump working, and thus improves the life cycle of the air compressor by dropping wear and tear in the pump.

    The most impressive thing about the California Air Tools 8010 is that it is an oil-free air compressor, but it is much quieter than any of the oil lubricated models. The compressor fills easily in less than 3 minutes and recovers quickly in less than 30 seconds when the pressure decreases during operation.

    It is an oil-free air compressor that ensures you do not need to think about lubricating it, which often ensures less maintenance for you.


    • Quieter than any compressor.
    • Includes no maintenance or no maintenance.
    • Comes with a lightweight hose of 25 foot
    • It requires less power and dissipates heat effectively.


    • Welding across the tank is very unattractive.
    • Bit costly
    • Not a suitable choice for bigger ventures

    8. California Air Equipment 2010 Air Compressor

    The California Air Tools 2010A is a 2-gallon air compressor fitted with a dual piston pump, designed to rapidly fill the tank, which is powered by a 1 hp engine capable of achieving a speed of 1680 rpm.

    It also stores air at a capacity of 2.2 CFM. The limited size of the tank ensures that it is often lightweight and quick to carry about. So, if you require a little portable air compressor for home usage, it will do just fine depending on your requirements.


    • Ultra-silent
    • Petroleum free
    • Light weight
    • Low operating costs.
    • Strong 1680 RPM engine


    • Nothing has been listed or communicated regarding the warranties on any buying page.

    9. Air Compressor Vx PLA4708065

    If you need one of the strongest compressors that I can suggest is the Powermate Vx PLA4708065. It is an 80-gallon single-stage air compressor with a 3-piston pump operated by a 4.7 HP engine running at a speed of 3450 RPM. It can contain air at a pressure of 155 PSI and generates 14 CFM of air at 90 PSI of air pressure.

    This thing has to be secured to the ground in your workshop to keep it from collapsing or rolling around the ground due to movements during service. It weights more than 350 lbs, so you really need anything like a shop crane when you set it up.

    The 3 piston pump is expected to help distribute the job of compressing air around the 3 cylinders and reduce the workload of the engine. It compresses air more effectively since it is 3 cylinders instead of 1 and thus more air is generated at the same time compared to a compressor that uses just 1 cylinder for compression.

    That is an oil-based air compressor, but you have got to be sure there is oil in the crankcase and at the right stage as well. It is fitted with an oil sight glass so that you can quickly track the depth of the oil. For this beast to operate, a 240 volt power supply is needed.


    • Strong engine
    • Gives a beautiful and even finish
    • Long-Term
    • No noise when you are racing


    • Challenging the transport from one phase to another

    10. ILA4546065 Air Compressor for industrial air

    Like the Powermate Vx PLA4708065, the Commercial Air ILA4546065 is a 3-piston single-stage air compressor. It is a 60-gallon air compressor, however.

    This best air compressors for spray painting is a 3-piston high air flow compressor, meaning you would be able to keep up with your high CFM air tools and rebound easily if the pressure decreases since the 3-piston pump creates a lot of air. Generating 14 CFM of air at 90 PSI and holds air at a pressure of 155 PSI. It is an oil lubricated air compressor with a display glass for you to hold the amount of oil in order.

    The 4.7 HP pump is constructed of a cast iron crankcase and a cylinder head built of aluminium for the better dissipation of heat and the better cooling of the pump.


    • User friendly model
    • Can perform manufacturing tasks;
    • Comes with security against thermal overload
    • There are many colours for camouflage.


    • Records a very high temperature of activity.
    • You also had to get the electrical cable separately.

    Air Compressor Guide for spray painting

    If you are on the road searching for the best air compressor and completely overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices available, those tiny points would certainly help you select the correct model.

    All air compressors are not the same and rely on whether you are looking at a skilled, large-scale project or only focusing on a DIY painting job, your choice is likely to be different. Selecting the correct air compressor for spray painting requires a reasonable, comprehensive approach to both the pre-purchase and purchase process.

    Because various air compressors can be used with a variety of different devices and appliances, you can still recommend purchasing one that is ideal with your sprayer.

    Take a look at some of the main factors that could help you pick the air compressor you are searching for.

    (1) CMF ranking:

    CMF stands for cubic legs per minute. It is obvious from its name that the amount of air supplied by the compressor is classified. CFM is specifically linked to how much pressure this air compressor will apply to your sprayer.

    It will not let you know the run time, but it will definitely tell you the volume power that a particular compressor will have.

    (2) Weight:

    This is also another important factor that you need to think into before you make a final decision. Weight will decide the portability of the component. Look for an air compressor that you can drive quickly when painting a big piece. While you may need something heavy for a longer period of time that is still small, weighted items are still simple and pleasant to use.

    (3) Horsepower (HP):

    There is also a vital aspect that needs to be addressed. For several DIY and non-industrial uses, 1 to 2 HP engines with paint sprayers are better optimised for 6 CPM and 30-40 PSI.

    Nowadays, 2 HP compressor is part of the conventional retail industry, but gets a compressor that has at least 8 CFM at 40 PSI.

    (4) Involvement of oil in the compressor:

    Oil compressors are typically substantial, costly yet reliable. While the oil-free compressors on the other hand are maintenance-free and light-free at least before the Teflon or similar coating is stripped off. Previously oil-based compressors may have been louder, but thanks to technical changes, noise variations in equivalent versions have been reduced.

    (5) Avoidance in heat and noise:

    The noise of a compressor is also a big problem, and it gets worse if you are operating in a closed environment. In terms of looking at the compressor with the lowest decibel level (dB), make sure that such devices can be bought and mounted.

    It would be safer if you had expansion chambers mufflers or standard car mufflers that could suppress low frequency.

    The intake of silencer philtres will reduce the noise of the intake of air in the inlet holes of the compressor.

    There are even several solutions for soundless compressors, but they are expensive also to companies. In your house, you can instal sound dampers such as fibreglass insulation that can absorb the vibration to keep it from going outwards.

    (6) The price of:

    If you are a price-oriented DIYer, pancake-shaped and lightweight air compressors could be the best choice for you. They are usually smaller, lighter in weight and encourage chaining so you do not need to reach a 220v socket.

    (7) Organizational issues:

    Air compressors are motor-driven, dissipating heat and friction. This is true of increasingly common oil-free compressors used by every DIYer or any individual who has this hobby. If you do not want to make some sort of changes to the standard of your art, make sure you are operating in a well-ventilated place.

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