Top 5 Best Commercial Steam Cleaner – Complete Guide And Reviews

    best commercial steam cleaner

    Through the inception of cleaning mediums that have been developed by the years, cleaning has been revolutionized. It is easy to understand why one might consider seeking for the best commercial steam cleaner to do the cleaning chores diligently. The use of water vapor to clean is a phenomenon that has slowly been creeping into the day to day cleaning activities that require being undertaken. This is because the world is conforming to the use of green cleaning and this has been proven to be the best and fastest alternative for cleaning and drying.

    The steam cleaner has been interminably focused solely on enabling users to do inclusive cleaning. This machine uses less water in the form of vapor and no chemicals to give users an incomparable cleaning experience. There are different types of steam cleaners available on the market today. You will find both home and commercial professional-grade steam cleaners. In this case, we are going to dwell on the best commercial steam cleaners

    Commercial steam cleaners are meant to undertake heavy cleaning jobs and are mostly for industrial use. They are developed to withstand the strains of undertaking any type of industrial cleaning task. Before digging in deep on the best commercial steam cleaners, let us have an understanding of why you would need this product and what it takes to acquire one. This is the only way you will be able to attain a commercial steam cleaner with superior qualities.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Commercial Steam Cleaner

    There are many factors to consider when choosing a commercial steam cleaner. This is because different steam cleaners come with distinct features that aid in performing different cleaning tasks.

    The following are factors to consider:

    Features of the steam cleaner

    Before buying a steam cleaner, you should deliberate on the features and this will depend on the purpose you intend to use the steam cleaner for. A Commercial steam cleaner will have more features than a home steam cleaner. Hence, knowing the purpose you intend to use a steam cleaner will help to buy one that will serve you right.


    Steam cleaners will hold different price tags depending on the model. A steam cleaner with extra features will hold a higher price tag than a normal steam cleaner. Commercial steam cleaners tend to be more costly than home steam cleaners since they have to perform bigger tasks than their counterparts, hence having more features. But, a perfect steam cleaner is one that is pocket-friendly and has all the necessary features you require.


    Steam cleaners come in different sizes dependent on the model and the attachments which come along with it. This will also determine the weight of the steam cleaner. A quality steam cleaner doesn’t have to necessarily be big in size. Advancement in technology has allowed manufacturers to develop steam cleaners that are smaller, compact and can perform bigger tasks.


    Every steam cleaner comes with basic attachments to be connected to the cleaner. But some steam cleaners will have extra attachments which aid in better-performing cleaning tasks and this makes them more versatile.

    Noise dissipated

    When it comes to steam cleaners, noise is part and parcel for these cleaning machines. Today manufacturers are developing models that produce less noise to better your cleaning experience. Therefore, before acquiring a steam cleaner, make sure that you consider the decibels it produces.

    Operation and how easy it is to use

    Handling and operating a steam cleaner should be a tranquil and an uncomplicated affair. Being a machine that is supposed to make cleaning work easier, you need a steam cleaner that is easy to operate. Therefore, when acquiring a commercial steam cleaner make sure that you purchase a machine that you can easily understand its handling.

    Tank size and heat-up duration

    The water tank size determines the duration of steam pressure a steam cleaner can last. Therefore, you should look at the capacity of the water tank and ascertain the amount of steam vapor a steam cleaner can hold.

    Benefits of a Commercial Steam Cleaner

    Commercial steam cleaners offer a lot of benefits because of their capabilities. This being the reason you will find them across all industries including food and beverage. With the much they have to offer, here are a few benefits of commercial steam cleaners.

    • Clean large surfaces

    Commercial steam cleaners are heavy duty and they are designed for different commercial cleaning jobs. They can clean large area surfaces with much ease and you will find them mostly in commercial kitchens, laboratories, washrooms, gyms, and other commercial fields.

    • No chemical additives required

    Since steam cleaning uses water vapor to clean surfaces, no chemical additives are required to disinfect these surfaces. This is because steam at high temperatures kills almost 99% of germs, allergens and completely gets rid of dust particles. By not using chemicals to clean, commercial steam cleaners become the preferred option for the food and beverage industry and also commercial kitchens. For individuals who get allergic reactions from different allergens and cleaning chemicals from detergents, these steam cleaner aids in eliminating all that.

    • Saves time

    Designed for heavy commercial and industrial use these steam cleaners aid in performing tasks faster hence saving time and resources. Since they perform both the task of cleaning and drying, cleaning is expedited hence allowing the cleaning of large surfaces in a short duration.

    Things to Look for that Differentiate Commercial Steam Cleaners

    • Product features

    Commercial steam cleaners are categorized into two types; there are dry steam cleaners and wet steam cleaners. In dry steam cleaners, you will find as little as 5% water in the vapor, while for wet steam cleaners the steam contains 100% water. The major difference between the two is the water content in the steam and the steam pressure emission.

    • Reputation

    Each commercial steam cleaner brand has its reputation. To find this information, you can read reviews from individuals who have used the steam cleaner first hand to get a clear picture of good they are. Hence, before you purchase a commercial steam cleaner first find if they have a good reputation on the market in terms of their cleaning capabilities.

    • Manufacturer Consistency

    The quality of the steam cleaner is another attribute differentiates these products. Has the manufacture been consistent in the steam cleaner’s quality or probably made a few technological advancements? A good commercial steam cleaner should come from a manufacturer who has been consistent in producing high-quality steam cleaners. This is the only way you can have an assurance of what you are buying.

    • The Status Symbol for the Steam Cleaner

    We have steam cleaner brands that hold a higher status symbol on the market. This happens only when the quality of the steam cleaner is high. This is the reason why many individuals will go for such commercial steam cleaners since there is a guarantee on the quality of the product.

    What's the Best Way to Use this Product?

    First, you need to have a clear understanding of why you need a commercial-grade steam cleaner. You will find that different steam cleaners perform different cleaning tasks and in this instant dry and wet steam cleaners. Hence, when you have a complete idea of what you need, you will be able to acquire a commercial steam cleaner that is fit for that specific task.

    The best way to use this product is to use manufactures guidelines and follow them to the letter. Make sure that you properly set up the attachments and accessories as per the manufactures instructions. By doing this you will have much ease in undertaking your cleaning task.

    Address the Controversy

    There has been a lot of controversy surrounding commercial steam cleaners regarding their ability to clean and completely disinfect surfaces without the use of detergents. The world has accustomed to traditional cleaning methods whereby the use of chemical detergents is believed to be the only way you can get results when cleaning. But, steam cleaners have come to change this notion and it is now possible to cleaning using steam at high temperature and pressure.

    Steam cleaners have been proven to kill at least 99% of allergens and, they completely get rid of even the minute dust particles. Since the world is moving to a green future, steam cleaners are viewed as green cleaning mediums. Lastly, when it comes to performing even the most difficult of industrial cleaning task commercial steam cleaners are the preferred option.

    Prerequisites to Using the Product

    Before you use a commercial steam cleaner, it is important to have prior information on why you need the steam cleaner, where you intend to use it and the kind of cleaning tasks it will be undertaking. Also, it is imperative to have an understanding of the basic operation of the steam cleaner, how it operates, how to clean it and general maintenance. This is the only way you will be able to get a steam cleaner that will serve you in the best way.

    Review for the 5 Best Commercial Steam Cleaners

    There are different types of commercial steam cleaners that you will find on the market today. These steam cleaners come with different features and functionalities. Therefore, to help you acquire a commercial steam cleaner with paramount features, we are going to review the 5 best commercial steam cleaners. With this guide and review, you will an easier task on choosing the best steam cleaner for your commercial steam cleaning needs.

    Here is an in-depth review of the best commercial steam cleaners.

    1. McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner

    This heavy-duty steam cleaner provides you with 1.5 kilowatts of pure steam power which allows you to clean and disinfect surfaces without the use of cleaning chemicals. Using the pressured steam you can be able to get rid of grease, molds, stains across different surfaces. These surfaces include tiles, automotive, grills, appliances, grout, wooden flooring just to mention a few.

    Another great feature that might benefit you a lot is the large capacity steam tank which can hold 48 ounces of steam and can heat up in just 8 minutes to steam pressure of around 43psi. The steam tank provides you with at least 45 minutes of steam and if you wish to undertake continuous steam cleaning, a lockable steam trigger is available to aid you in that.

    This heavy-duty steam cleaner comes with 18 different steam cleaning accessories that allow you to clean the different floor surfaces as we have seen above. They include a mob pad, floor mop, nylon and brass, a scrap pad just to mention a few. All these accessories make this commercial steam cleaner versatile and you can perform different cleaning tasks using it.

    To enable you to clean those hard to reach areas that need cleaning, this steam cleaner comes with15.7 foot long power cord and steam hose which measures around 9 foot. With this, you can be able to move around with much ease while doing your cleaning tasks.


    • Versatile accessories for better cleaning  
    • The long steam hose and power cord
    • Easy maneuverability
    • Produces high steam power
    • Heats up fast and can hold steam pressure for long


    • If the tank is not properly locked the steam pressure can explode.
    • It is not fit for big steam cleaning tasks.

    2. Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner.

    This top-rated Dupray one steam cleaner gives you up to 50 minutes of continuous steam cleaning which is wonderful because you will not need to keep on doing refills when cleaning. It heats up in less than 8 minutes and emits a powerful steam pressure of 150 degrees Celsius. This makes it perfect for cleaning all types of floors, kitchens, small house rags, furniture, mirrors, car interiors just to mention a few.

    It has an adjustable steam control meaning you can adjust the steam pressure depending on the surface you intend to clean. This steam cleaner comes with 16 high-quality accessories that you can change also depending on the cleaning surface. The 6.2 inches steam hose and a 16.7-meter power cord will enable you to clean those hard to reach areas with so much ease.

    The Dupray one steam cleaner has been designed using the latest steam controlling technology that enables it to release steam on demand. It is also equipped with low water and steam ready indicator, automatic shut off and to protect your kids, a safety lock has been installed. All this gives you better control when operating this steam cleaner.


    • This steam cleaner sanitizes surfaces promptly 
    • It can clean any surface
    • You can control the flow of the steam pressure
    • It has extra controls that give better safety
    • The long steam hose and power cord allow you to reach anywhere


    • Short steam hose
    • A little pricey
    • Almost too much heat

    3. Pure Enrichment PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner.

    The Pure Enrichment PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner provides you with all the necessities you would need when steam cleaning both indoors and outdoors. It has a 1.5L boiler tank and it can produce up to 45 minutes of steam pressure which is perfect for big cleaning tasks. It gives you 1500 watts steam power which is perfect even for those hard cleaning tasks. With its steam pressure, this steam cleaner can help to completely get rid of grease, bed bugs, molds, stains and much more.

    It is perfect for cleaning different surfaces which include laminate and ceramic tiles, wooden flooring, carpets, windows, ovens, grills, and wallpapers. It comes with a 16-foot long power cord to ease your movement and inbuilt cords wrap which helps in storing the long power cord. When it comes to the cleaning accessories, you will find a triangular-shaped mop head that enables you to reach house corners hence better cleaning.


    • It has a sleek design and superior features  
    • The wheel support allows better movement
    • This steam cleaner is perfect for most cleaning surfaces
    • It comes with a cord wrapper for better storage
    • Easy to use and handle
    • The steam cleaner can still be used for tough cleaning tasks


    • Its big design makes it cumbersome to move around with
    • It can only be acquired from selected websites

    4. Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner.

    This steam cleaner emits 15 kilowatts of steam pressure which is ideal for deep cleaning and disinfecting different surfaces without the use of chemicals. It comes with 15 extra heavy duty accessories inclusive of a steam mop which you can use to clean sealed floor surfaces. The water tank can hold 45 ounces and it can uninterruptedly provide you with 45 minutes of steam pressure which is impressive considering its size.

    It heats the water to 200 Fahrenheit and this steam cleaner can easily handle even the toughest of cleaning job around your home. This steamfast multipurpose steam cleaner incorporates a steam trigger which enables it to produce steam on demand and a switch which can help lock the steam completely giving you better control. The power cord measures 15.4 inches and an inbuilt cord wrapper is incorporated on the steam cleaner for better storage of the power cord.

    The steam cleaner is perfect for cleaning most floors, tiles, grills, toilets sinks, carpets among others. Its support wheels enable users to have a tranquil time while undertaking cleaning jobs because they ease movement.


    • It is a multipurpose steam cleaner  
    • The SF-370 has a big water tank
    • Heats the water in only 8 minutes
    • It can clean a wide variety of cleaning surfaces including toilets
    • The steam cleaner comes with 15 accessories which are meant for all floors


    • The steam hose might be a bit short
    • The price is on the higher side
    • It has limited capabilities

    5. McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam System.

    When it comes to professional-grade steam cleaners, the McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam System makes the list. This steam cleaner has an adjustable steam control which will benefit you since you can dictate the steam you need on the different surfaces that need cleaning. Safety has also been considered and this steam cleaner has a 3 pin plug that can only fit in a one-way electrical system. This greatly reduces the possibility of getting an electric shock.

    With steam pressure of 58psi maximum, you can clean and disinfect surfaces killing at least 99% of germs. It has a large 48oz steam tank and it takes a maximum of 12 minutes to heat and it can provide you with 90 minutes of steam pressure. It comes with 20 multipurpose accessories to clean different surfaces. You will also find an 18-foot long power cord and a storage compartment for the electrical cord. The steam hose measures exactly 10 feet which allows you to better movement. It is perfect for both outdoor and indoor cleaning; it can clean almost all floors and automobiles too.


    • It has a large water tank  
    • This steam cleaner can clean for long hours before requiring refilling
    • The power cord is long enough
    • The steam hose is insulated
    • Protects against electrical shock
    • This steam cleaner has a variable steam controller


    • It takes 12 minutes to heat up, which is too long
    • It comes in only one color, black
    • The plug might not be compatible with most wall socket outlets


    This comprehensive best commercial steam cleaner review and guide provides you with everything you need to know about the top rated steam cleaners available on the market. Having reviewed five of the best, I recommend the McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam System because of its superior qualities and features. It satisfies all the things you should look for in a commercial steam cleaner. Its tank is big enough and with this steam cleaner, you can work for long without the need to refill the water tank.

    This steam cleaner offers protection against electrical shock that many on the list don’t. It has a long power cord and the steam hose is insulated to offer more protection. It is easy to operate and it can clean most floors and other surfaces too. Therefore, this commercial steam cleaner has incorporated all you would need in a steam cleaner and even offers added or extra features which make it stand from the rest.

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