Best Hvlp Spray Gun for Woodworking 2021 Full Review

    best hvlp spray gun for woodworking

    Finding the best hvlp spray gun for woodworking for your next project can sound like a daunting challenge while shopping online. The sheer amount of labels, price points, and diverse items will make things easier for you to select. There is an easier route to go. We have gathered this collection of recommendations of the best hvlp spray gun of 2020 so that you can reduce your time spent searching to a minimum and get the weapon you need to get to work.

    This article has the highlights and the not-so-great bits of and model. So that you can choose the best hvlp spray gun for woodworking for you and your next project in real-time. We have also provided a purchaser's guide to help you work about the purchasing process. Which is particularly helpful if you have never owned an HVLP spray gun before.

    List of the best hvlp spray gun for woodworking


    Product Name



    Wagner 05188080 HVLP Spray Gun

    Earlex HV550 Woodworking Spray Machine

    Neiko 31216A HVLP Gravity Air Spray Device

    Fuji Spray T75 G HVLP Gravity Woodworking Spray Machine

    Master Pro 44 HVLP Spray Gun Collection

    1. Wagner 05188080 HVLP Spray Gun

    Wagner is one of the most popular names in paint and stain spraying, and it can surely be trusted to paint and/or stain any furniture. It tops the list of our best hvlp spray gun for woodworking. The question is, are you going to like it? Here, they make their case with the Power Spray Limit.

    This spray gun comes with two separate air filters, which ensures that any time you spray, you get a good and even finish each time. The flow of liquid is definitely clear and smooth, so there is no question regarding the lack of quality control here.

    This sprayer has two spray styles, horizontal and vertical. The flow control button is also customizable so that you can pick the flow control on the basis of how wide or tiny the wood applications are.

    The wider color cup is around 1.5 quarts. The metal cup is one percent and based on the material, you may pick the one you want to operate with. If your liquid does not withstand plastic all that much, then pick a metal cup.

    Any portion of the spray gun is detachable, which ensures that you can clean it quickly with water. If you need more sticky liquids, you should use the cleaning agent of your choosing as well.

    This is a nice HVLP spray gun that can be used to spray wood furniture or arts and crafts, but not so much a wall or a floor. The cord is very small, which will cause you to spend more time painting or staining each part. Although there is an attempt to make this a better commodity for homeowners and woodworkers, it growing just fall short of the target here.


    • Has a big cup of color
    • Can be quickly cleaned
    • Compliant for several forms of liquids
    • Has two separate cups of color
    • Create a uniform finish


    •  The string is not long enough

    2. Earlex HV550 Woodworking Spray Machine

    Earlex sells a more sophisticated spray gun that homeowners will use for woodworking as well. No matter whether you are a casual warrior or a trained woodworker, this is a tool that you should take really seriously.

    This spray gun comes with three separate spray designs, a vertical fan, a horizontal fan, and a circular one. You should change the diameter from one inch to 12 while in a circle design. This is a wide range that makes it a really flexible spray gun for some painting and staining jobs.

    In addition, this spray gun can operate at any angle. Spray to the roof, to the stage, or to the wall or to the soil.

    There is no mess coming from the rifle. This machine functions to trap the liquid such that it falls where you want it to go.

    You can use whatever form of liquid you like with this spray gun from paints and stains to varnishes and enamels. Do not fear whether the material is too dense or too light, it will fit well and the finish will come out as easily as possible.

    The color cup is made of aluminum and contains up to a fifth of the color. That gives you more than enough time to work with. The glass is coated with a coating of Teflon such that the color does not adhere and the cup is simpler to clean.

    Like Wagner's HVLP spray pistol, the hose or rope on this device is very short; just 13 foot in duration. This makes the pistol a little less responsive. If you want to paint the whole floor, you are going to have to position the engine in the middle so that it will be simpler to hit certain places.


    • Has a big cup of color
    • Compliant for several forms of liquids
    • Easy to clean
    • Create a uniform finish
    • May be sprayed at any point


    •  The string is not long enough
    •  It is pricey

    3. Neiko 31216A HVLP Gravity Air Spray Device

    Neiko's going to show out this next spray cartridge. This is not a full package, but you are going to get a pistol without an engine. If you do not have a gun to go with your engine, or the one that came with your kit leaves a lot to be desired, this is a spray gun that you can consider.

    There are four separate HVLP spray guns that you can purchase, all of which vary in size of the nozzle. The one we are evaluating has a 2-millimeter nozzle, which is the larger size, and a red rim.

    The color cup is 20 ounces and is constructed of aluminum. Aluminum is a healthy commodity that interacts for every sort of product and is easy to clean.

    With the gravity-fed overhead location of the cup, you can be confident that just the paint falls out until it is fully finished. This tool may be used for decoration, oils, primers and more.

    The nozzle is designed to last a long time, constructed of stainless steel and has a brass tip. If you are wearing your current spray gun, you may use it as a simple, decent substitute. This is a tool that will not get brittle too fast.

    This is a poorly built HVLP spray pistol, so while it can last a long time, one thing that happens will transform it into a garbage. The pistol and the cup will turn easily, and you can split easily either by standing on it, or by knocking it over in the vehicle.


    • Compliant for several forms of liquids
    • Easy to clean
    • It is supposed to last a long time


    •  Is of poor quality

    4. Fuji Spray T75 G HVLP Gravity Woodworking Spray Machine

    Wood is one of the most popular materials used in building and hobbies, and it is important when you are staining, painting or finishing wood that you have quality coats to produce better performance.

    Though brushes, rags, and rollers will produce good results with elbow grease, you can not argue for the utility of investing in a high-volume low-pressure spray gun, particularly one that is good for woodworking.

    It is necessary to invest in a spray gun that is all about accuracy. It is all right if you require different coats, but what is more crucial is that the coating is the same to get the maximum outcome from your woodwork project.

    The best paint sprayer on the market for this is the Fuji Spray 5175 G Spray Tool. This model is a non-bleed spray that will keep a lot of air from flowing to mitigate the spraying of sawdust in a store. The model comes with a high-efficiency air cap that guarantees the over-spray is reduced and contributes to excellent atomization.


    • Platform is really easy to clean
    • While a bit expensive, the quality is worth it.
    • Really low weight under two pounds
    • Arrives with two-year pieces and a service warranty.


    •  Wear of the cup seal during mild use
    •  Not suitable for industrial use;

    5. Master Pro 44 HVLP Spray Gun Collection

    The last best woodworking sprayer we are going to analyze comes from Master Airbrush. This firm is renowned for its specialized airbrushes for the arts and crafts that can be used to blast paints and stains.

    It is just an HVLP spray device, but it is a very costly tool, so we believe it is really successful at what it does. If you are a woodworker, and all you need is a good spray pistol, you should buy this one.

    The aluminum cup is 1 liter, which is a bit more than a sixth. This is a gravitationally filled cup, but you realize there would not be any air bubbles. This aluminum cup fits well for oils, colors, primers, and other coating ingredients.

    The pistol itself is constructed of stainless steel and has a smooth, plastic frame for grip and comfort. This way, you have got a nice and convenient gun to carry that will last a long time, too. There is no reason to think about rust. It can also work well for water-borne paints.

    The accessories supplied with this spray gun include a cleaning tool, a multi-size wrench, and a connecting tube.

    With this in mind, it is not a spray gun intended to spray large-scale timber installations, such as walls or fences. Instead, it is ideal for chairs, arts, and crafts. There is no spray template, the gun sprays in a tiny stream that you will not alter, and it will take you days, at most, to build a fence or wall.

    With this in mind, we feel like it is a ripoff relative to other woodworking spray weapons. This spray gun, frankly, is not all that distinct from Neiko's spray gun.


    •  Compliant for several forms of liquids
    • Quick to vacuum
    • It is supposed to last a long time


    •  It is pricey
    •  The spray device is very simple

    How to pick the right spray gun for HVPL?

    There are a variety of items which differ from product to product. Here are the primary items to remember when selecting an HVLP spray gun for woodworking.

    Best HVLP Woodworking Paint Sprayers – F.A.Q.

    What are the HVLP sprayers?

    There are a number of different HVLP sprayer models available. Clearly, you will not use any of them to see which one performs and which one doesn't. That is why, to save you a lot of time, we made this big post about the best Hvlp woodworking paint sprayers, where we have mentioned 6 different models, and we have explained all their pros, cons, features, and we have also explained how they work. Do not forget it, man!

    Because there are various types of paint sprayers, you can be puzzled. HVLP paint sprayers are the most commonly available paint sprayers on today's industry. HVLP stands for "Large Volume Less Strain." In other words, you are going to be able to use a ton of color with no friction.

    A few years before the HVLP was costly. That is the key explanation of why they were not that famous. People did not want to waste a lot of money on anything that could be achieved by a quick roller painter.

    But a few firms, such as "Fuji" or "HomeRight," have agreed to reduce their rates and retain their efficiency. Nowadays, HVLP paint sprayers are still pricey if you equate them to a roller painter, but once you consider the variations in color consistency and the hours you save on spraying and washing, you can know that long-term paint sprayers are better. As they claim, "The time is capital"

    Most HVLP sprayers require a compressor to operate, there are a few exceptions to this. For eg, if you plan to purchase # 2 on my "HomeRight C800766" page, you would not need a compressor.

    People typically use HVLP paint sprayers to execute DIY activities. I really use them for all manner of activities, and they are my main paint sprayers.

    One thing I appreciate about HVLP is that they are not going to waste any colour. Both of the HVLP's are built to give the paint to the target you are painting and not to the environment. The explanation for this is to help maintain the air safe.

    There are versions that are simple to use and there are several HVLP paint sprayer devices that are more difficult to use. But because HVLP paint sprayers are common, you can find loads of different guides and videos from Youtube that will show you exactly how to use them. You can also read our site, where we post a lot of tips and tricks.

    Read: Perfect Sprayer of Paint for Doors

    Bear in mind that there is no paint sprayer that can be as nice as HVLP paint sprayers when it comes to color consistency. Especially for furniture and wood items.

    Why are you hunting for the right HVLP spray gun for woodworking?

    Would you like to spray a wood object? You can use HVLP paint sprayers. If you do not know which one to get, make sure you read the article we created about the best wood spray device. Any time anyone asks me if they are going to buy an HVLP paint sprayer, I respond "YES." Why would you like to see a roller painter? Yeah, they are better, but you are using a roller painter to make the items appear beautiful, by with a roller painter, you are only having to waste a lot of days painting things, because they are not really going to look fresh. They are all going to look the same.

    That is why I choose the HVLP. You are probably having to pay a couple extra dollars. So instead of wasting a couple of days finishing a job with roller painters, you are going to spend a couple of hours with roller paint. And if you are using paint sprayers, the consistency of the color is good. Your artifacts are going to appear fresh again.

    Do not want me to start dreaming about the cleaning process. If you have ever used a roller painter, you know you have had to cover anything by the spot you are employed. There is going to be a big mess, a lot of color on the cement, and it will take you a lot of time to clean it out.

    In the other side, if you are using paint sprayers, you might not have to mask something. There will be no color on the concrete, and the tool will be fully washed in less than 5 minutes. Some paint sprayers also come with a cleaning tool that helps a lot to speed up the operation. Read all about water sprayers and water rollers

    How to pick the best HVLP woodworking sprayer?

    If you have not determined which one to buy, and you are always wondering, what is the best spray gun for woodworking? Then you may want to start asking yourself various questions, like the ones I wrote below, and I am sure they can help you determine which of these 6 sprayers is the one you need.

    How much would you invest on purchasing a Hvlp woodworking sprayer?

    You need a hvlp spray gun to paint wood items. If you do not have one, and you plan to buy one, get ready to lose. You are going to see various styles and functions that you do not yet know what they are or what they say. But to make things simpler for you, we have created a post called "Hvlp Spray Gun Reviews Woodworking." 

    Make sure you read it to recognize the various aspects of the paint sprayer and learn what the right Hvlp spray gun for woodworking models is. This is a very interesting issue. If your budget is tiny, you would possibly end up purchasing a semi-pro or a regular paint sprayer, and if you have a greater budget, you can purchase a professional paint sprayer. It all depends on your plans and on your activities. If you have to re-spray all the furniture in your house, you should not afford to finish the job with a couple of bucks.

    But if you just have to use paint sprayers for woodworking, then you can purchase all of these sprayers that I have mentioned, any of them will give you a great color quality, and all of them will last a long time.

    If you choose to start your own shop or use paint sprayers for major activities, then I suggest that you search for paint sprayers that I have called "Semi-pro" or "Best." If you can not afford to start small, purchase smaller sprayers first, and then purchase larger ones after a bit.

    I am sure you will find the right sprayer for your budget. But obviously durability comes with the expense, you should not expect a cheap paint sprayer to last longer than two or three years.

    Have you ever seen a sprayer before?

    Experience plays a significant part in the consistency of color. If you have enough practice, you will use the cheapest paint sprayers and still get a decent color level. Even if you have never used one, you might have the best paint sprayer, and you are probably not going to get a decent color rating.

    But thankfully, for those people who have never used a paint sprayer, you will get the experience fairly quick. All you need is some items that you no longer need, or some A4 pages. You should try it for a few hours, and I am sure you would be able to spray all your furniture.

    If you can't get used to it, you can watch various youtube videos or even read my site, where I post various ideas about how to use spray guns and a bunch of other tricks.

    What are you meant to look for before purchasing a paint sprayer?

    Budget – You do not want to glance at spray paints that you can not manage. Try to build your budget before you can start shopping for the cheapest Hvlp furniture sprayers.

    Features that it has – I have been attempting to list all the features that any paint sprayer I have tested has, and I have been trying to clarify how every function functions the simplest way.

    Hop to locate paint sprayers that can help you get the job finished quicker. Let us just claim you are a lazy guy, why do not you want strong sprayers, huh? Or if you are a perfectionist much as my wife is, you do not want a sprayer that just does a job, do not you? Of course, it is not. Hop to locate a paint sprayer with software that can help you achieve great performance.

    Are they easy to set up, huh? There are some paint sprayers you only need to pull them out of the package, add some water, and you are ready to spray. But there are paint sprayers that you need to attach to and component of your own. If you are rusty, make sure you choose paint sprayers that are not too difficult.

    Replacement pieces – Even the most high-quality equipment can often fall down. Be sure that the manufacturer you are purchasing from has replacement parts, you do not want to purchase the finest hvlp woodworking spray gun and substitute it with a low-quality paint sprayer only because the correct one does not have replacement parts.

    Paint of the Cup

    The most colors a sprayer will keep in his colors cup, the longer it takes you to spray until you run out of water. Often, you are dealing on a bigger pistol and more paint you are wearing, so getting a wider paint cup might not be the best choice for any staff. Paint cups may construct of wood, brass, plastic, and more.

    Spray Template

    Many HVLP spray guns have three spray patterns: oval, vertical, and horizontal. They are all important for an ardent woodworker, so that you have the best choice open to him or her, and they cover much of the region at once.

    Compatibility of the

    No matter whether you want to use paint or dye, you would need a spray gun that fits best for at least the finest liquids possible, such as lacquers and varnishes. To know if a gun will operate for a certain material, you can find that it comes out with a standard finish that looks professional on the floor.

    What is the safest way to use spray guns for a woodworking project?

    Firstly, please refer to the guidance manual that comes with your spray gun to set up a pistol for use in painting or staining. If your gun has one, change the spray template to the horizontal design.

    Secondly, after the gun is mounted up, keeping it from about 8 inches away from the area that you are shooting.

    Moreover, point it straight to the internal wall or surface and spray. Going from left to right or vice versa, beginning from the tip. Do not switch the spray pistol, still aim it straight to the place you are spraying.

    Lastly, may require a little practice, but the quicker you run. The better or weaker a coat of your finish would be. Try to determine the right pace with which you can shift the spray gun side to side. If you choose to avoid shooting. Aim not to turn the light away from the wall or the floor until the pistol is absolutely switched off.
    Whether you are finishing wooden decks or ceilings, aim the spray gun directly up or down, and attempt not to switch the trigger, but to change the spray pattern to the vertical template, whether your trigger has one.

    HVLP Spray Weapons for Woodworking to Achieve Impeccable Results

    Woodworking is not often a simple job, since it also needs accuracy. The right techniques are critical for achieving even coating and having a high degree of visual impact.

    That is why the HVLP spray gun is the solution to all DIY woodworking ventures. High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP), as it is, eliminates the air pressure used and decreases color loss by around 50 percent thanks to the low-pressure propeller.

    It is highly effective since more color falls to the surface of the wood. However, specific instructions should observe when utilizing HVLP spray guns to produce the maximum performance.

    Difference between HVLP and traditional spray gun

    The sum of air resistance is essentially the disparity between the HVLP spray gun. Moreover the traditional spray gun. HVLP sprayers drive paint at low speed, which is usually 10 PSI compatible.

    Low pressure atomizes the paint which allows it much smoother to work. In addition, near to the surface of the wood. Uniformly applying the painting to produce an impeccable performance. Although traditional spray guns use high pressure to create a tiny volume of color.

    The surface of the wood may have an outstanding appearance, but 70% of the color is lost due to heavy air pressure.

    Final Verdict

    In conclusion, the Earlex HV5500 Spray Station is the perfect HVLP spray gun for woodworking. If you do have a paint sprayer, substitute it with one if it is not a professional paint sprayer.

    The finish goes wild good, no matter what sort of material you use in it. No matter whether you love painting or staining wood, you will not go wrong either. You have a good quantity of color with you at a time before you use it all up.

    In addition, due to its Teflon coating, this is a simple paint spray gun to wipe. This is the finest spray gun out of all those you can purchase to paint a wooden panel, cover a floor, and many more. That is why the Earlex HV5500 Spray Station is the perfect HVLP paint sprayer for woodworking.

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