Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner for Elderly 2022-Full Reviews


    One of the most important household tools without a doubt has to be the vacuum cleaner. Keeping one’s house clean is very important for a number of reasons with your families health at the top of the list. Having a clean living environment is the best way to ensure that everyone living in the home has the best possible air quality.
    What you have to keep in mind is that you can end up without all kinds of different problems like respiratory issues if the air is not clean. So the faster you get to clean the air, the better it will be. You do need to try and commit to the process so you can make it work, but if you handle it right the results will be very impressive if you use the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for elderly!

    The best vacuum for elderly should be ergonomic, just because it delivers a much better experience as a whole and the vacuuming process is a lot more exciting. That doesn’t mean it will be something easy, but the experience itself will be quite interesting and the payoff itself will be among some of the best. We encourage you to check it out yourself to see what model suits your needs the most.

    This is especially true for any home that has elderly people living inside. With many of today's elderly having some degree of breathing problems, it is really important to be able to cut down on the dust, pet dander, and other allergens. The purpose of this article is to help the elderly and or family members to be able to find a good vacuum cleaner. We put together a list of the five best lightweight vacuum cleaner for elderly people.

    Top 10 lightweight vacuum cleaners for the elderly

    Detail Section

    Are ultra-lightweight vacuums really better?

    Today’s vacuum comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and capabilities, including some that actually do all the work for you. In the beginning, the vacuum cleaner was a real beast, it weighed a lot and was a real chore to move around the room. These days you have so many choices when it comes to vacuums.

    When you want to pick the best vacuum for seniors you do want to ensure that it works adequately and it delivers exactly the value and levity you want. The lightweight vacuum cleaner for elderly works great because it’s easy to move around. Older people don’t really want to waste any energy.

    For an older person trying to figure out what is truly best for them when confronted with two choices lightweight and ultra-lightweight. For the most part, the weight in a vacuum comes from mechanical parts of the system. In that line of thinking the main difference is the and weight of the suction motor and overall size of the machine. With that said, the trade-off is generally only a few pounds, and you will likely give up debris holding capacity and suction power to save a few pounds of weight.

    Should you focus on ergonomics?

    But usually a model that’s handheld and also very easy to carry around can make a huge difference. That’s certainly something that you need to focus on and you will appreciate the way everything. You will like the fact that most ergonomic models are also light, so adapting them to your needs is what you really have to focus on the most. You will like the fact that everything is adjustable to your own requirements, and in the end it’s one of those things that you will like quite a bit.

    Battery life is important

    A good lightweight vacuum cleaner for elderly needs to be very portable. As a result, you need to move the unit a whole lot and that means using its battery. The good thing is that most of these products tend to have a pretty good battery life. But there are models that have a rather low battery life, so it’s a matter of perspective and understanding the pros and cons for all of this. If you handle it correctly, nothing will stand in your way and that’s definitely the most important aspect. 20-25 minutes will be a good timeline for the battery life. As you can imagine, some models will deliver less than that, others will give you more. It’s a good idea to pay attention and ensure that everything will work in a meaningful and reliable manner.

    Multiple usage modes

    What a lot of people need to know about the best lightweight vacuum cleaners for the elderly is that they also tend to have all sorts of accessories and features. But they also come with multiple usage modes too. That’s the thing that you want to pursue the most, finding a way to make this work and you will appreciate the numerous usage modes provided here just because they are very different and interesting. Not only that, but you will also notice that each one of the accessories tends to focus on a specific problem. It’s nice to see that you have tools which will be able to help you in all kinds of different situations. But at the end of the day it’s the quality that shines, and the results themselves will be really immersive and different!

    Does suction power matter for the best lightweight vacuum?

    Yes, it does and the main reason behind that is you will use the best lightweight vacuum on a variety of surfaces. On some surfaces the suction power won’t really be that important. But in other cases this can actually make a huge difference. So you really have to know and understand everything adequately to avoid any issues. It’s certainly a great opportunity to focus on and if you are handling this right it can be an amazing experience for sure.

    You do need to use that to your own advantage and once you identify the right suction power, things will be really impressive no matter the situation. Just remember that checking for the best suction power can really be an incredible experience, and once you do it right you will find the outcome to be great no matter what.

    Size and storage

    A lot of people consider that the lightweight vacuum cleaner for elderly should be large. That might not always be a good idea, because a good unit is one that’s simple, easy to use and small. This way you can reach just about any area and that on its own can really help you a lot. Just give this a try for yourself and you will actually find it that it works to your own advantage all the time.

    Some lightweight vacuums for the elderly are actually easy to store in a variety of locations. As long as you know how to do that and how to manage everything you will be fine. But rest assured that being able to split the unit into smaller pieces will be an exciting and powerful way to make everything work the way you want!

    Why bagless?

    One of the biggest innovations in vacuum technology in the past 30 years would have to be the development of the bagless system for the collection of debris that is picked by the vacuum. It truly revolutionized the industry and allowed the vacuum to become a much more efficient and effective room cleaner.

    No longer is there a cloud of dust hanging around the machine as you push around the room. All of the dust, dirt, and hair is trapped inside a canister and collected into an easy to empty cup. Depending on the design and capacity marking of the vacuum will depend on how frequently it will need to be emptied. No more needing to keep a supply of bags on hand stashed in a closet or cupboard. Instead, whenever you notice it is getting full, you simply stop and remove the cup to be emptied.

    The reason why the lightweight vacuum cleaner needs to be beagles is because it’s very adaptable to your needs and extremely easy to use. You will appreciate the unique results, and the experience itself is better because the best vacuum for the elderly doesn’t require a lot of cleaning. And that’s exactly the dynamic that you get to see here. You have more control and due to that things are better and more exciting. It can be a bit tricky at times, true, but in the end what really matters is the results you are getting and that on its own can be stunning and rewarding all the time.

    Which is truly best, lift-away or removable handle?

    The upright vacuum started out relatively plain and was capable of doing one thing; vacuum carpets. For years this was actually preferred by most housewives or the person who primarily did the cleaning. As time marched on things began changing and people started looking for ways to be able to accomplish the cleaning chores around the house.

    While most upright vacuums were designed primarily to vacuum for laminate floors (carpets and hard surface flooring) it was obvious that something else was necessary in order to clean other parts of the house above the level of the floor. To accomplish this the manufacturer came up with two options; a removable handle that is attached to a flexible hose and a lift-away model, that allows you to walk up and downstairs. It also makes cleaning curtains, drapery and stairs much easier,

    For a lot of people, the best lightweight vacuum cleaners for the elderly is one that has a removable handle. Removing stuff and adding it in later on can work really well and it will make it simpler for you to access the results that you expect. It doesn’t require a lot of work, and you will appreciate the uniqueness of these results and the value as a whole. You will certainly enjoy the results and you will not have to worry about any of the problems that can arise. All you have to do is to make the right pick and the outcome will be great.

    Swivel vs non-swivel

    In the perfect home, every room would have all of its rooms designed with perfect angles and not have a whole lot of furniture in each room. However, the likelihood that a house like that exists is slim to none. As a matter of fact, there are hardly any home designs that don’t include nooks and crannies that can be really difficult to get at with a traditional vacuum.

    This is when having a swivel would really come in handy in order to make maneuvering around all of the obstacles. This is why some of today’s vacuum manufacturers have at least one of their model vacuum cleaners include a swivel mechanism. While they may not be specifically targeting the elderly when they were designing their vacuums, it really does turn out that they would benefit highly from choosing a model that does include a swivel.

     Reviews 10 best lightweight vacuum cleaner for elderly

    1. Eureka NEU100 Airspeed Ultra-Lightweight Compact Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    The Eureka NEU100 Upright Vacuum Cleaner is one powerful cleaner despite its lightweight design. It is packed with many of the things that you would find in the full-size vacuums, but it was made with the elderly in mind. It is very easy to maneuver around the room, but still has plenty of power to clean both hard surfaces and carpets throughout your home.

    You will always find a need for the wash and vacuum senior citizens units and this one really delivers the value you want. It’s designed to offer you a very comprehensive set of benefits and at the same time it brings in front a very rewarding set of results. The filter is washable and you can clean it without worries. We also like the fact that it’s only 7.7 lbs, so it’s extremely light and when you want such a product you really want to make sure that you are getting the best value for the money.

    The powerful 6 amp motor and 10.5” roller with several rows of stiff bristles help to extract the dirt, hair and other debris from your carpet and hard surface floors. The debris is deposited in a collection cup (bagless design) which is easy to empty when filled with a quick release that helps to keep your hands clean.

    This package even comes with a crevice tool that’s actually very helpful if you want to clear the dust and just keep everything clean. It really goes to show the value and quality that you can expect from this product and in the end it’s certainly a great investment. This product is not super expensive, and at this price point you can’t really ask for more, so you really want to give it a try at the very least and see how it works.

    The extra-long hose makes it possible to reach areas that are up to 6.8’ away. The extra-long 18’ long power cord makes it possible to reach across a typical size room. It also comes with a number of attachments that are designed to help clean every part of your room, including the upholstering.

    Key Features

    • Cleaner lifts off easily for cleaning above the floor
    • Powerful suction cleans both hard surface and carpeting quickly
    • Extra-wide 10.5” cleaning path
    • Feather-light 7.7-pound total weight
    • Washable internal filter


    • It is one of the best values around with its lower price  
    • While it is ultra-light you won’t be disappointed by its power
    • The long power cord is great for medium size rooms


    • The 10.5” cleaning path is a bit small as compared to the others

    The Eureka NEU182A Bagless Upright Vacuum is the powerhouse of the lightweight line of vacuum cleaners. The powerful 8 amp motor generates the most amount of suction in its class. Paired with the 12.5” beater bar with several rows of stiff bristles is capable of removing large amounts of debris from both hard surfaces and carpeting.

    It features five height adjustments and smooth wheels that make it easy to transition across several different surfaces like low pile carpet all the way down to hard surfaces and the wheels will not leave any unwanted marks. The quick-release handle adds the ease of cleaning by making it possible to reach areas above the floor.

    The overall capacity of this easy to push vacuum cleaners model is what really sets the tone for a very good experience. It’s nice to see that it’s so adaptable to your needs, fully customizable and enjoyable to use at the same time. We particularly like the fact that they have smooth wheels that adapt the unit to work on every floor type.

    Of course there can be tricky moments as you try to get used to it. Despite being light, the unit is a bit bulky at times, and overall it can become a very good experience with some really interesting results. At 960W, this product pretty much eliminates all signs of dust, dirt and grime, and you will love using it just because it’s so different and a lot of fun to use. They have 5 height adjustments, so overall you will find this one to work very well and just ensure that you are obtaining the right quality for your money.

    It weighs in at lightweight 10-pounds, but don’t let that fool you, it is still the most powerful and yet it is extremely easy to move around the room. The 7’ hose and 25’ power cord allow you to extend your reach into any size room. It also has several attachments for cleaning edges, upholstering and a dusting brush.

    Key Features

    • Powerful suction and beater bar lifts heavy dirt and hair from multiple surfaces
    • Cleaner section lifts off easily for cleaning above the floor
    • Extra-wide 12.5” cleaning path
    • Weighs a mere 10-pounds
    • Extra-large debris cup


    • The extra-long power cord gives you the ability to reach across most typical size rooms  
    • Weighing in at a mere 10-pounds makes it really easy to carry it room to room
    • It has unmatched suction power in its class


    • It is not as maneuverable as other vacuums on the market

    3. Eureka NEU180B Lightweight Powerful Upright, Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner for Home

    The Eureka NEU180B Upright Vacuum is a powerful and versatile lightweight cleaner. It is packed with many useful features that make it a really good option for a lightweight vacuum cleaner. The powerful motor and ultra-wide 12.6” cleaning path will help you make a quick time of your carpet and flooring chores.

    It’s the really high speed that counts for the lightweight upright vacuum cleaners for the elderly and this unit does not disappoint. We really like this one because you can carry it around the house very fast and it will be fully customizable too, which is always a great feature to have to begin with. Not only that, but the product does an amazing job at being very versatile and you will also get the best accessories you need.

    We also like the fact that there are no maintenance costs. All you really need to do for this product is to wash the filter and empty the dust cup. It certainly delivers the value and quality that you need, and as a whole you will find it to be a lot more dependable than anything else out there. You just have to use that to your own advantage and when you use this product you will appreciate just how cleverly designed it really is. It can be the best lightest vacuum, but it’s also designed to really focus on quality and offer you the sustenance and quality you need.

    The bagless design features a large, 4.1liter dust cup for collecting all of the debris that is sucked up into the vacuum. The quick-release mechanism allows you to easily empty the dust cup without worrying about getting your hands dirty. It also has a removable and washable filter that does not require it to be replaced.

    The set of included attachments (dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstering brush) and the quick release handle combine to extend the cleaning capabilities well above the floor level. The flexibility of the hose adds an extra amount of length when fully stretched out to its fullest at 7’. All of the tool attachments snap easily into separate storage places and the 25’ foot cord wraps securely in place.

    Key Features

    • Large capacity dust cup collects the debris
    • Weighs only 10-pounds 
    • 5 level adjustments for multiple surface cleaning
    • Extra-wide cleaning path 
    • Quickly release handle for extended cleaning


    • The quick-release mechanism on the debris cup makes it easy to cleanout 
    • It is packed with features you would expect to find on a much more expensive vacuum
    • It is built extremely sturdy and capable of holding up to years of use


    • Unfortunately, the hose is a bit on the short side which limits it’s cleaning ability

    4. Black & Decker Ultra Light Weight BDASP103 AIRSWIVEL Lightweight Upright Cleaner

    The Black & Decker Ultra Lightweight BDASP103 Upright Cleaner is a powerful, lightweight vacuum cleaner designed to help make your cleaning chores around the house much easier. It is packed full of most of the features you would expect to find only on a full-size vacuum cleaner. The powerful motor and wide beater bar give it an extra-large cleaning path.

    The 8.8-pound overall weight combined with the superior maneuverability that comes from the built-in swivel at the base to make it easy to get into tight places. The ultra-wide 12” path, quick release handle and 6.5’ flexible hose all combine to make your cleaning chores a whole easier. It also features a small dusting brush and 2 in 1 crevice tool for extra versatile cleaning machine.

    When you get the lightweight vacuum cleaners for the elderly, you always want to be certain that it delivers the utmost quality on the market. Right from the start this unit is right out there. It looks great, it manages to be very ergonomic and at the same time it just knows where and how to offer you the features you need. We like the fact that it’s dependable, very adaptable to your needs and the maneuverability really is something you can’t find anywhere else. It’s the type of thing that you will cherish just because it’s different and powerful. Plus, the idea of having multiple additional items added in does sweeten the deal quite a lot. You will find this to be a very good investment and in the end that’s definitely one of the better options and features for you to explore in this kind of situation.

    The large-capacity debris cup is designed to collect all of the stuff that is sucked up into the vacuum. The debris cup is designed with a quick opening and emptying mechanism that keeps your hands clean as you are emptying it. The removable and washable filter helps to keep the air clean in the room as you are vacuuming.

    Key Features

    • Superior maneuverability 
    • Powered pet upholstery brush
    • Powerful, ultra-lightweight design 
    • Ultra-wide, powerful suction and beater bar helps to remove large amounts of dirt and debris
    • Large size, removable dust cup for ease of emptying


    • The Airswivel technology gives it unmatched maneuverability  
    • While it may be lightweight, never underestimate its suction power
    • The powered brush attachment is perfect for cleaning pet hair off your furniture


    • The dust cup is relatively small compared to its size

    5. ROOMIE TEC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    The Roomie TEC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a unique two in one portable vacuum cleaner. It combines the ease of handheld cordless vacuum and the benefit of an upright cleaner. The base features a 180-degree swivel built into the base that makes it extremely maneuverable. Its simple design makes it really easy to use and great for using it in smaller spaces.

    You will notice that the unit itself can be detached, something that the easy to push vacuum cleaners would need to fulfill the requirements of older people. This is a very interesting and extremely powerful product with amazing features and ideas being brought to the table. Its quality is staggering to say the least, and once you start using it you will find that it certainly covers all the stuff you need and so much more without rushing or anything else. 

    Its LED lighting system is quite innovative and it makes it easier for the elderly to see if there’s any debris on the floor. This is one of the Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner for Elderly that really manages to stand out of the crowd with its feature set. That alone is one of those things you really need to have, and as a whole the results themselves will impress you immensely if you tackle it in the right manner. With that in mind, the suction power here is also very good, so you can easily use this outside of your home in the car or on the stairs too. It works very well even for those furnishings too, so that’s also really good.

    The stick style base unit features a wide cleaning path with a beater bar that allows it to be used for both cleaning floors (both carpeted and hard surfaces) and quick cleaning jobs like furniture and a wide range of other uses including car interiors. The quick-release mechanism means you can easily switch between stick-style vacuum and portable, handheld vacuum cleaner.

    The ultra-lightweight (4.5-pounds total weight) is one of the best parts of this vacuum. Roomie was able to pack many of the best features of full-size vacuums into this ultra-compact package. It also has a small, 2 in 1 crevice tool that makes it a great choice for quick and easy cleanings.

    Key Features

    • Ultra-bright 6 LED light
    • 2 in 1 (portable and upright stick vacuum)
    • 2200 mAh Lithium-ion cordless powered
    • Dual motor powered
    • Bagless, .5liter capacity


    • Easily carried with one hand since it only weighs just over four pounds
    • Relatively quiet as compared to a full-size vacuum
    • Includes a standup charger


    • Emptying the debris cup is not a simple operation
    • For larger rooms, you might not have enough charge to complete the room

    6. Oreck Commercial Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, 40ft Power Cord, U2000R1, Grey/Red

     While the Oreck Commercial Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner is not bagless, it does a very good job at vacuuming fast and easy. Not only that, but it covers a 12” wide area and it’s also very easy to handle and manage. To make things easier, the unit is only 8 pounds, so using it is very simple and convenient.

    The product also has a 40-foot power cord that you can replace with ease since it’s not requiring any expensive repairs or anything around those lines. Plus, you even have a helping hand handle and a microsweep feature. Oreck Commercial Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner is one of those tools that have a very good suction power, and it also locks in the dirt so you don’t really have to worry about any dust puff. You rarely get something better than this, so you should totally consider giving it a try because it’s a very powerful and dependable product. It also looks great too, with a wonderful gray and red coloring that you will like.


    • Very light and easy to use
    • Extremely long cord
    • Dedicated handle
    • It can lock in the dirt very fast


    • Not the best materials
    • Doesn’t work well on medium pile carpeting

    7. Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Fuchsia (227591-01)

    Dyson V7 is an incredible product that a lot of people enjoy using. A great advantage is that it’s cordless, it has a powerful suction system and it’s also hassle-free, which is what you want from it. The unit can go up to 30 minutes without relying on external power, which is very good. But it will require you to charge it for around 3.5 hours before you use it.

    That being said, it’s light and dependable, and the product does a very good job with its direct drive cleaner head. It has up to 6 minutes of fade free power too. We noticed that it can capture the dirt regardless of where it is, and the suction power is extremely good for what it is. It comes with around 75% more brush bar power when compared to then previous model. And yes, they also make it easy to use it as a handheld vacuum. They also have a hygienic bin emptying system that makes it simpler for you to not touch the dirt.


    • Cordless vacuuming experience  
    • Very powerful suction system
    • Hygienic bin emptying
    • It can transform into a handheld vacuum


    • It generates a strange smell
    • Battery lie not the best

    8. Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner XL

    When you see the Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner XL you will notice it’s a very interesting, exciting product to use that comes with some nifty features and incredible ideas. Not only does it look very well, but the quality itself is staggering and the experience is extremely good all the time. The high speed and double helix brushes bring in a very good experience.

    It’s 9 pounds in weight, so it’s certainly a very good option for the price, and you should consider giving it a try if possible. You will also notice that it has a very good handgrip and the on-off switch is located in the right place. It delivers automatic floor adjustments too, which make it incredibly good for what it is.


    • Very light  
    • Automatic floor adjustment
    • Helping hand handle


    • Product quality can be improved
    • Not very sturdy

    9. Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright Corded Stick Vacuum, Bordeaux

    We like the  Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright Corded Stick Vacuum, Bordeaux because it has no loss of suction. It also has a 2 in 1 vacuum deep cleaning experience and it works great even if you have hardwood floors, which is always a very good thing to have. It was designed to clean everywhere in the house and you will also notice that you can rinse with tap water, and then you can air dry if you want.

    The entire process is seamless and you will notice that it works extremely well for what it is. You will appreciate the quality and value all the time, and the experience itself will be second to none all the time. The idea of adding multiple attachments is a very good one, and you will find that it works a lot better than you imagine.


    • It doesn’t lose suction 
    • Multiple attachments
    • Very good for fast pick ups
    • The cord length is 30 feet


    • Accessories were missing for some customers
    • Quality can be improved as the plastic is not durable

    10. Shark Navigator DLX Upright Vacuum in Gold/Silver

    The Shark Navigator DLX Upright Vacuum in Gold/Silver is a best selling lightweight vacuum for a reason. It has a very good HEPA filter that will trap allergens and dust in the vacuum. The dust cup is very easy to empty and you can clean without interruptions, which is a very good thing to keep in mind. It has 15.2 pounds, so moving it around is very simple and convenient all the time. The unit also has swivel steering, which we found to be really good for just about everyone.

    They also have a very good XL capacity and the power cord is 25 feet in length, so it’s a pleasure to use and you will find it very convenient and exciting to use. In addition, the design is great and you can reach just about anywhere to clean stuff off without a problem. It’s the best of both worlds and you will find it to work extremely well all the time. Just consider giving it a try and you will enjoy the results.


    • Great HEPA filter  
    • Extra large capacity
    • Easy to empty dust cup
    • Brushroll shutoff


    • It might not work great on hardfloors
    • Some attachments are missing for customers


    When we started this project we set out to come up with a really good resource for people to find out some information about lightweight vacuums. It turns out what we came up with is very appealing to the elderly who are looking for a vacuum that is really easy to use, lightweight and still be powerful enough to actually clean the carpet.

    Through all of our research for this article, we came up with a shortlist of five quality Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner for Elderly that we feel would check all of the boxes for seniors looking for a new vacuum cleaner. We decided on this format in order to provide enough information in order to help the reader to be able to make an informed decision.

    After all, is said and done, we decided that after comparing all of the features that each and every model we would highly recommend the Black & Decker Ultra Light Weight BDASP103 AIRSWIVEL Lightweight Upright Cleaner, Pet Vacuum as our number one choice. It is our opinion that this vacuum has the best of everything we talked about what makes a really good cleaner.

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