Best Plasma Cutters of 2022 – Descriptive Review and Guide!

    best plasma cutters

    Metal cutting may be one of the most expensive and time-consuming processing activities. Finding the best plasma cutters is essential if you want your work done efficiently and keep up with the times. Plasma cutters operate more effectively, utilizing a plasma torch to render precise cuts with fewer heat and greater accuracy

    Inverter processing has reduced the expense of plasma cutters. Serious plasma cutters are often costly, though.

    You need a high-quality plasma air cutter best suited for cutting thick metal precisely. It has got to be energy effective without costing too much.

    The best plasma cutter is what we need to cut metal precisely, easily and quickly. This instrument will cut various forms of metal, such as stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel and aluminum, to name a few.

    This is one of our best friends to have our work completed quicker as it is compact and lightweight to switch from one building site to another.

    In fact, it is filled with functionality such as removing metals with different thicknesses and at differing speeds.

    If you are one of those looking for a plasma cutter, you should keep reading because we are outlining the top picks along with the things to look for when shopping around. Keep reading to find out about the best plasma cutters.

    After all, investing in a plasma cutting machine is serious. For this cause alone, we need to do our research by evaluating our choices and searching for a high-quality plasma cutter that will last for years.

    In the section, you will start contrasting each product with its pros and cons and make sure that you make the correct decision.

    Things to Know Before going for best plasma cutters of 2020

    Getting the best plasma cutter, you must be well-acquainted with what it is?

    What is plasma?

    For learn how plasma cutting operates, you need to grasp the fundamentals first. Let us start by answering a simple question: What is plasma?

    Do not mistake it with the transparent blood plasma in which the fat globules are stored. The plasma to which we refer is an ionized gas – a gas that has been energized to the point where electrons break free from their atoms, but still travel with the nucleus.

    The energized gas is a plasma. Plasma is actually referred to as the fourth state of affairs, putting them right alongside the other three well-known and widely-educated states. That is right, the states of the matter are: solid , liquid, gas and PLASMA.

    Is plasma common?

    Interestingly enough, according to science, plasma is actually the most common state of matter in the universe! Here on Earth, we depend heavily on plasma. I am fairly sure you are comfortable with the light. Well, our big yellow friend in the sky, along with most other stars, is actually a giant plasma ball. Kind of cool, huh?

    There are many different methods that a gas will become a plasma, but it still requires injecting a gas full of electricity. In this scenario, a spark is a very powerful supply of electricity. As we transfer pressurized gasses (such as oxygen , hydrogen, argon, or even store air) into a broad flame, it ionizes the gas and produces a regulated explosion of plasma.

    Components of best plasma cutters

    Every plasma cutting device consists of the following three components:

    Power Supply-The plasma power source is responsible for preserving the plasma arc for the entire length of the break.

    Arc Starting Console-Or ASC produces a fire within a plasma torch that generates a flame arc.

    Plasma Torch-The plasma torch offers the orientation required for precise cutting and cooling of consumables.

    Now that you have a grasp of what plasma is, let us move on to the use of the plasma torch.

    Plasma Cutting Styles by the best plasma cutters

    Almost all plasma cutting devices come into two categories: traditional and plasma precision devices.

    Conventional Plasma Systems-Typically, shop air is used as a plasma gas and the form of the arc is defined by the nozzle on the torch. Handheld devices come under the range of traditional plasma devices as well as products where the materials being sliced have a lower resistance. Although these styles are popular, they are less effective than other methods of plasma cutting.

    Precision Plasma Systems-Use a combination of fuels, such as helium, nitrogen or a blend of hydrogen / argon / nitrogen, to produce optimum cuts through a wide spectrum of conductive materials. These types of systems are operated by the CNC and are built to create the most effective plasma cuts that can accomplish. The torches and the shapes they cut are more complicated, so the form of the arc is constricted to improve accuracy.


    Product Name



    Hobart 500566 Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter 240V

    Lotos LT3500 35Amp Air Plastic Cutter

    Goplus CUT-50 Electrical Wireless Plasma Cutter

    LTP5000D 50Amp Plasma Cutter Lotos

    ZENY DC Plasma Cutter Inverter

    Lotos Technology 04-ZVGR-O8D Plasma Cutter

    SUPER DEAL DC Plasma Cutter Inverter

    50Amp Mophorn Plasma Cutter

    SUNCOO Cut-50 Plasma Cutter

    Coral Plasma Cutter, CUT50

    Which plasma cutters are the best plasma cutters?

    At this point, you should have a good understanding of what plasma is and how plasma cutting works, but that still leaves one very important question unanswered — Why?

    There are many other ways to cut metal — saws, lasers, water jets, and oxy-fuel systems. We are not going to get through the specifics of each of these directly right now, since you are going to choose to use various approaches for different workers.

    Many considerations come into play when choosing which cutting tool to use. It is necessary to understand the thickness of the material you are cutting, the consistency of the edge needed, and whether efficiency or cost is more essential.

    The most prominent variations between plasma cutting and other cutting methods are time and expense. Plasma is quicker than other techniques , particularly when working with thicker products, and recent developments in plasma cutting technology minimize the effect that plasma cutting has on the bottom line.

    In contrast, the expense of a waterjet or laser cutter is rather high. Generally speaking, waterjet cutting costs three times as much as plasma and laser cutting can cost up to eight times as much! Plasma is a very practical method of cutting and is accurate enough to meet almost any of your shape cutting needs.

    Guide for the best plasma cutters

    Plasma cutters can range in price from $800 to $45,000. There is a wide pricing spectrum that relies solely on the scale of the unit, whether you need a portable hobby computer or a bigger, commercial system. The consistency and functionality needed must also be taken into account.

    There are several cheap plasma cutters on the market, beginning as low as $130, but although these devices can produce some amazing cuts, it will not be long before you need a substitute. Proven brands that are leading manufacturers of welding and cutting equipment are even more efficient, representing the capability of the plasma cutter.

    The plasma cutters that we sell are both high energy, user-friendly and of the highest specification. We will also provide a variety of shipping plans, like the next day if you order before 3 pm, and keep you up to date on the status of your order.

    How do the best plasma cutters work?

    Plasma cutters are becoming more popular devices in many sectors, such as metal processing, building and car repair. This instrument is capable of cutting through many forms of metal, including steel , copper, brass and aluminium, by producing an incredibly high-temperature, electrical ionized gas channel commonly known as plasma.

    In order to produce the 4th element – plasma – the cutter sends an electric arc through a gas (either oxygen, nitrogen or argon) which rapidly raises the heat rates to the point that it goes beyond the solid, liquid or gas and becomes a plasma. The computer would instead use the plasma to pass the energy to every conductive surface , causing it to be sliced through with either little to no resistance. This method results in a clean, quick cutting process.

    Will you require the best plasma cutters?

    Gas is required for the plasma cutter to operate and generate the plasma.

    As mentioned above, the most common gasses to be used are oxygen, nitrogen or argon. Some plasma cutter systems have multi-gas features so that a variety of gasses can be used for different applications.

    Based on the sort of metal you are grinding, various gasses are used.

    Oxygen has become the standard gas to be used when cutting steel because it offers the fastest cutting speed of any plasma gas.

    Nitrogen is the perfect option when it comes to cutting aluminum and stainless steel which can offer outstanding cutting efficiency.

    Argon is ideal for cutting thick stainless steel and aluminum as the hottest plasma burner.

    Clean dry shop air is recommended for a more economical choice and will be cut through both mild and stainless steel and aluminium.

    What temperature does it reach?

    The temperature of the plasma cutter will hit an incredible 25.000 degrees Celsius. To bring that into context, it is cooler than the sun's atmosphere, which lies at a cool 5.505 degrees Celsius.

    Safety is of utmost importance when utilizing a plasma cutter. Your vision will be forever harmed by staring straight into the blaze, and the blaze can often burn into the flesh, muscle and bone very easily. This is important for you to choose the correct EPP for the workplace, which can require masks, protective clothing, boots, eye protection and respiratory support devices to ensure the health of employees.

    Keep in mind that it is always impractical to utilize the full heat setting on a plasma cutter and require a large deal on energy to do so. Our recommendation is to maintain it at the lowest temperature level, if necessary, and not to let it operate for too long. Use the machine in small bursts, both for your safety and for the health of your electricity bill!

    Can you use a Plasma cutter through paint?

    Yes, a plasma cutter is capable of cutting through painted metal, but it will require a solid connection to a clean section of metal that is as close to the area you are working on as possible.

    The only time a plasma cutter struggles to perform is if there is any water or moisture in the air compressor of the machine and if the air pressure is incorrect. If there is too much air, the plasma can potentially blow out of the machine, but if there is too little you will have trouble cutting. To find out what the right amount of air pressure is for your machine, check the guidelines for your plasma torch.

    Manufacturers should be mindful that even the slightest amount of moisture that adversely affect the product. If the machine is sputtering and erratic while cutting, the risk of moisture is the cause. Use disposable air filters with quick release at the base of the tool to ensure that the air in the compressor is dry. You can download our basic guide for more information on plasma cutting.

    1. Hobart 500566 Airpower 40i Plasma Cutter

    Would you like to have only the best one on the market? Do not you want to agree with the brand? Then check out the 500566 Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter for one of the strongest Hobart labels. It is actually the best-selling and high-performance plasma cutter on the market. In addition, this drug has been specifically developed and produced for both DIY and industrial applications. We are going to search in the system to learn more!

    Things to note about this plasma cutter

    First of all, Hobart is a well-known company that makes devices simple and user-friendly. Because a DIYer or an inexperienced consumer is often at risk of electrical shock or explosion, the protection problem is of special significance with the use of devices such as a plasma cutter. As a consequence, the Hobart team integrated auto-fire features and ergonomic controls in 500566 Airforce 40i. The customer would then be able to use the machine for cutting stretched or perforated metal materials quickly. We can also work well with painted and polished surfaces.

    Not just this, but even the ergonomic trigger of the tool comes with a safety and a torch to ensure precise cutting with sufficiently sufficient air intake. Are you worried about the performance? You are not allowed to since it is a Hobart drug! One of the outstanding features that make this system famous is its power supply. The device is powered by 240v, which can cut up to 7⁄8 inches of steel. In addition, the device also ensures a 50 % duty cycle.

    This convenient plasma cutter comes with all the features needed to operate on every DIY project. In fact, the operator can continually cut steel for a long period without taking a break. Therefore, both of these features make this Hobart 500566 Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter the perfect plasma cutter for the money you surely do not want to lose.


    This convenient plasma cutter comes with all the features needed to operate on every DIY project. In fact, the operator can continually cut steel for a long period without taking a break. Therefore, both of these features make this Hobart 500566 Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter the perfect plasma cutter for the money you surely do not want to lose.

    Small and lightweight.

    This plasma cutter is also lightweight at just 31 lbs, rendering it very compact to go anywhere. You can take it from one project site to the next without any worry.

    In addition to being lightweight, this plasma cutter is easy to install, allowing us to adjust its amp rating on the knob.


    The Hobart 500566 is also strong enough to cut clean 5/8 inches or cut 7/8 inches of aluminum. That said, you might use it for various uses, either light or strong.

    The Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter can also cut soft steel at 7/8 at a duty cycle of 50 per cent. And more on strength, I found that the cutter could be cut much faster than the oxy fuel.


    This product is also built with auto-fire technology , which allows us to cut metals, either perforated or expanded. I always enjoyed it being able to cut polished or painted materials , making it one of the most flexible options.

    You can also note that it is one that has an ergonomic safety button, making the device much more robust. This also has long-lasting consumables of the XT40R torch.

    It also has the technology of the wind tunnel, preventing abrasive particles and dust from damaging the internal components.


    • This is really user-friendly
    • Auto-fire technology
    • Ergonomic architecture and simple to use.
    • Contains Lighting and cooling system
    • 50 % duty cycle with 240v power supply
    • Wind tunnel technology for the removal of debris and particles


    • The electrical cord seems to be a bit short
    • Items and consumables fell under the pricey bucket

    2. Lotos LT3500 35Amp Air Plastic Cutter

    If you are looking for a plasma cutter under 500 but do not want to compromise with advanced features and qualities, then our 2nd best may be the right choice for you. The LT3500 35Amp Air Plasma Cutter is yet another budget-friendly Lotos brand that is effective in producing premium goods at an reasonable price. Are you excited to know that these are outstanding features? They are here!

    Like any other high-quality plasma cutter, the Lotos LT 3500 comes with a powerful motor that can easily cut 2/5 "aluminum. It is therefore the best plasma cutter approved for small projects and home use. However, even if the user is not a pro or has not used such a cutter before, here's the good news for them!


    This system is really simple to set up and everyone can set it up in a minute. Also, to make things easier for novice consumers, the unit has a pre-installed NPT 1⁄4-inch industry style D socket. All you need to do is connect the plug and automatically connect it to the air compressor. In fact, the connector is ideal for 110v wall sockets. To support you to use the tool safely, the kit comes with the required accessories such as consumables, torch cutting, clamping and so on.

    Overall, all current features make the Lotos LT3500 plasma cutter not only the strongest home plasma cutter but also one of the better 110v plasma cutters on the market. So, it is a nice tool that is healthy to use at home and comes at an inexpensive price.


    • Free to be used at home
    • Easy to set up and mobile
    • Contains not dangerous hot air
    • Efficiently take out Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Light Steel , Copper and Aluminum.
    • Comes with power supply, torch cutting, consumables, ground lock, NPT 1/4 "business form D plug and air filter regulator.


    • Cost-effective consumables
    • Less usable components and consumables

    3. Goplus CUT-50 Electrical Wireless Plasma Cutter

    We selected the Goplus Plasma Cutter for our third highest rating plasma cutter. When you also buy hardware and equipment, you may have learned about the Goplus company. We have successfully produced and marketed high-quality goods with innovative technology at a budget-friendly price. Let us explore its functionality in more depth.

    One of the essential features of the Gloplus plasma cutter is its multifunctional application. This may be used not only as a cutter, but also for the restoration of metal parts, industrial or ducting work and maintenance purposes. So, it is a multi-purpose tool that you can use for various forms of work.


    However, the lightweight size and portability is another aspect that makes this system appealing. So, if you need to take the device from one place to another for indoor and outdoor use, you can easily carry it with the handle provided. It is lightweight, too, and you do not have a lot of difficulty holding it.

    In fact, when dealing with plasma, we will take protective precautions in advance. Occasionally, however, you may need to buy safety items. But if you buy a Goplus Plasma Cutter, you are going to get a safety mask. The high-quality plasma torch is another feature that makes this system stand out. This torch can be used comfortably and efficiently for continuous metal cutting.

    So, the compact size, design, and lightweight features make it another best portable plasma cutter. In addition, the package comes with the necessary accessories for convenient use. Overall, this is a device that you may consider buying for home and outdoor use.


    • Simple to set-up
    • Portable and viable
    • Available at an reasonable rates.
    • Made of high quality content
    • Plasma cutter multi-functional
    • Size and compact design ensure comfortable use.


    • Comes with a short cable

    4. LTP5000D 50Amp Plasma Cutter Lotos

    If you are still looking for the best plasma cutter for home use and have not found your ideal cutter yet, here's another recommendation from Lotos. It is another highly recommended cutter of this brand with some additional features. Let us check it out below!

    Even though the Lotos LTP5000D could not make it to the top three, it is still strong and efficient to deal with different types of metal, including stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel , copper and aluminum. One of the significant factors that distinguishes the cutter from the others is the quality of construction and the use of non-hazardous compressed air.


    So, if you use this plasma cutter for any purpose, you do not have to worry about a gas accident. In fact, inverter technology further eliminates the need for an additional supply of gas and air to power the system. Besides, for the metal cutting job perfectly, the device certainly comes with a pilot arc. Thanks to the arc function, it is very simple to monitor and use for some precision and precision cutting.

    Another essential aspect of the system is that you can load the unit for both 110V and 220V. Therefore, based on the thickness of the item, you should select the correct volt when you use it. Overall, there is no lack of a single feature that you would need for your creative project or home use. You should certainly suggest purchasing this awesome commodity, which also comes at a budget-friendly quality.


    • Dual Voltage Efficiency
    • Uses unhazardous compressed air
    • Comes with a pilot arc to reduce the accuracy
    • Possess revolutionary cooling device made in Germany


    • The cable is a short one  
    • The trigger does not come with a security guard.

    5. ZENY DC Plasma Cutter Inverter

    Do you need a handy, small, yet small best plasma cutters? If it is, then we have the right option for you. We selected an inverter based cutter from Zeny for our 5th recommended plasma cutter. Even though it is a small cutter, it certainly comes with all the advanced features and technology. Would you like to ask what they are? Keep reading now!

    The reason we chose this drug on our list is because it is a nice offer because comes at a cheap price. Even though the price is low, the device comes with a lot of additional accessories that you need while working. When you purchase the product, you will get a cutting torch, a clamp, an air regulator, a plasma tip, eye protection goggles, a face mask and so on. But, when you purchase a small box, not only do you get a plasma cutter, but also protection packages that we still prefer to overlook.


    Another explanation why we chose this product for your valued readers is the lightweight design. You do not accept that this ZENY DC Plasma Cutter Inverter is the lightest cutter on the market. So, if you are operating on an indoor project or need a compact cutter to take here and there, this Zeny plasma cutter can give you convenience.

    Since it is a lightweight tool, it is often advised to cut metal with a maximum thickness of 1 to 12 mm. Overall, the compact format, nature, weight and colour render the product a lightweight, storable tool that you want to use. What more can we expect when the price of the product and the maintenance costs are also within an affordable limit!
    This plasma cutter is one of the best plasma cutters on the market due its size.


    • Budget friendly plasma cutter
    • Extremely light and portable.
    • Package includes accessories and security kits.
    • Consumables are sold at an reasonable price.


    • May not contain a detailed training manual

    6. Lotos Technology 04-ZVGR-O8D Plasma Cutter

    Once, for our 6th strongest plasma cutter, we could not help but pick the 04-ZVGR-0O8D Plasma Cutter from Lotos Engineering. This is one of the best plasma cutters out there. This popular company has developed high quality plasma cutters with a large range that consumers often consider their items trustworthy. So, if you are ready to have a good budget for an amazing plasma cutter, looking for a plasma cutter under 1000, then this product is another option for you.

    The first thing that draws the most customers is the multifunctional application of the plasma cutter. This is a 3-in-1 hybrid kit that comes with A Pilot Arc, TIG Welder, and a stick welder. Nonetheless, when it comes to metal cutting, the 50 pilot arc will cleanly cut any metal that has rough, stained and damaged surfaces without even touching it.


    This function helps you to use the computer for a long time. You may also use the tool at 220v and 110v depending on the thickness of the material. In fact, to enable you work with the indoor and outdoor devices, the tool comes with a convenient interface and compact weight.

    So, if you need a multipurpose plasma cutter to come with a DIY project or business welder, you can have this Lotos Technology 04-ZVGR-0O8D Plasma Cutter in your collection.


    Pilot-arc non-touch model

    One of the best things people are looking for when shopping around for a plasma cutter is its precise cutting power. LTP5000D is a robust tool capable of cutting through polished, rugged and/or scratched metal surfaces with limited latency.

    It can even be sliced through even without reaching the edge of the tool, offering you longer consumable life and improved cutting performance.

    Versatile and portable;

    This platform also includes portability and flexibility for use in the cutting of various forms of metal, including copper, mild steel , stainless steel and aluminum.

    It also features an automatic dual voltage, allowing dual frequency or voltage input, making it valuable for many types of applications.


    This model provides unprecedented efficiency. For starters, I found that it could break through various forms of metal utilizing non-toxic compressed air at a low cost and in a controlled manner.

    But that is not all, because this plasma cutter can also be set up within a minute.

    System of cooling

    The LTP5000D is also equipped with the Papst Advanced Cooling System , providing long-lasting and reliable performance. That said, you may have peace of mind knowing your computer would not malfunction due to overheating.


    • Double voltage
    • 3 of 1 multifunctional device
    • Non-Touch Plasma Cut System
    • Portable, budget-friendly plasma cutter


    • The connector used is small
    • Tig welders are not recommended for aluminum

    7. SUPER DEAL DC Plasma Cutter Inverter

    If you are not happy with the ZENY DC Inverter Plasma Cutter and want to see more alternatives the list for best plasma cutters continues, you should check out this DC Inverter Plasma Cutter by SUPER Contract. First of all, relative to the size, it is a little better than Zeny's. Now, it is time for us to see what other apps it has to bring.

    This plasma cutter became famous due to its PRO technology, which ensures superior and reliable efficiency. Not only that, but this system is also promising to use less fuel. Thus, the combination of the two features makes this device economical and efficient.


    In fact, this plasma cutter will cut any metal at a faster pace in less time compared to other tools. Such a highly efficient device must ensure durability, does not it? The tool is also often constructed of heavy-duty iron and the design of the tool renders it a solid and robust plasma cutter. So, it is a tool that you will use constantly for long hours.

    As far as specialized technologies are concerned, the system comes with a graphical monitor for a visible front panel air pressure scale. In addition , to ensure health, the system is fitted with overheat security, over and under voltage protection and lack of compressed air protection. So, if you need a plasma cutter not only for some DIY job, but also for other purposes such as repair, automobile, maintenance and light industrial function, you can check out this Mega DEAL DC Plasma Cutter.


    • Energy-efficient
    • Robust and robust
    • Features of PRO technology
    • Comes with a wireless LCD projector
    • It ensures consistent and superior results.
    • Health of overheat, overvoltage and compressed air deficiency


    • Suitable for light work only 
    • The instruction manual is not really detailed 

    8. 50Amp Mophorn Plasma Cutter

    Mophorn might not be the biggest name but it is one of the best plasma cutters, because their 50Amp Plasma Cutter is a decent tool that comes at the cheapest price. If you are on a tight budget and need a plasma cutter for multi-purpose use, consider this Mophorn plasma cutter. Now, let us talk about its outstanding features.

    Compared to all other plasma cutters, the 35% duty cycle of the Mophorn cutter means that it is extremely effective. However, even though this plasma cutter is capable of bringing you a smooth and precise break, it is only capable of handling 12 mm metal thickness. However, the customizable current performance and LED monitor ensure that the cutter remains in the top ranked plasma cutter series.


    Even while dealing with electrical control, we still encounter voltage variations. In order to prevent such a hindrance, the system even comes with the feature of voltage compensation. In fact, this system may also power with two separate voltages to run on various metal thicknesses. This is why it is one of the best plasma cutters.

    Will you need more than that? Here's some positive stuff! The system often guarantees the protection of the user by having an air pressure gauge. This feature smoothly eradicates problems such as over-heat and over-pressure. So, as we have said, it is a multi-purpose device that comes with the highest duty cycle at a budget-friendly price you should not miss.


    • Double power of the voltage
    • Software for Laser Cutting
    • Requires data defense
    • Ability of cutting up to 12 mm
    • Comes with a large fan of cooling


    • Perfect cut is rendered available on clean sheet.  

    9. SUNCOO Cut-50 Plasma Cutter

    The SUNCOO Cut-50 Plasma Cutter is one of our 9th best plasma cutters under $500. Just like any other good quality cutters, it comes with all the necessary and advanced features for DIY projects. It's also easy to operate to get the smooth cut on metal materials. Below are some of the other features.

    As per the name, it's a 50Amp plasma cutter which means you don't need an external part to provide air or gas. Besides, it's a digital cutter that comes with an LCD display with the readable front panel. Overall, it's a powerful cutter that can smoothly cut through ½ inch metal, carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, iron, and aluminum.


    Besides, when you search for plasma cutters, not many of them promise to have an energy saving feature. However, the SUNOCO's Plasma Cutter belongs to the energy saving category. Now, to tell you more about the cutter, it's made of heavy-duty iron that ensures sturdiness and durability. So, you will be able to use it casually and certainly for a long time. Due its affordability it is one of the best plasma cutters.

    Additionally, and more importantly, it's a multi-functional device that works in repairing and maintenance service at industrial work, site work, business, and DIY projects. It's definitely a compact plasma cutter at a low price.


    • Easy to operate
    • Dual voltage
    • Comes with a welding mask
    • Energy saving digital inverter plasma cutter
    • Can be used for DIY projects and industrial purposes
    • Includes digital LCD display with readable front panel
    • Suitable for different types of metal, steel, stainless steel, copper, iron, and aluminum


    • The instruction manual is not much helpful
    • Might be a bit difficult to set up in first few uses

    10.Coral Plasma Cutter, CUT50

    Ending our list of the best plasma cutters, the construction of the plasma cutter is not just made of heavy duty material but also comes with advanced inverter switch power. Overall, the construction and performance make the device an efficient and high performing device.

    Also, to help you carry easily for site work, it comes with a portable design, handles, and lightweight. Besides, when you use the device, to be able to understand the readings, it comes with an LCD display. Additionally, you are getting the device with dual voltage.


    However, you don't need an external plug to work with different voltages. Finally, it's a multipurpose device that is easy to use and suitable for cutting stainless steel, alloy, and mild steel, copper and other metal-based materials up to 1-15mm. Even though it's our last product in the review list, it's still one of the best in the market that you can consider purchasing.


    • Sturdy and portable
    • Features dual voltage
    • Built with high-quality components
    • Effective for cutting 1-15mm thick metal
    • Comes with LCD display and a comfortable handle
    • Can be used for cutting and repairing all types of metal


    • Does not come with a pilot arc  

    What constitutes best plasma cutters?

    Speed Cutting

    The cutting speed of the tool you are having would have to do with how slow or quick you can cut metals and finish the work. If you are buying a plasma cutting tool for production cutting, you might want a machine that can accommodate about twice the cutting thickness you are dealing with all the time.

    Of starters, if you are looking for quick, long and high quality cuts on mainly 1⁄4-inch metal, you would want to go for a 1⁄2-inch or 60-inch class unit. The one with the fastest speed is the best plasma cutters.

    Beginning the cycle

    You should determine the length of time you need to start the cutter because it has to do with the convenience and ease of operation you can expect from a plasma cutter.

    Many plasma cutters use high-frequency arcs to conduct electricity, making it easy to start. Please notice that high frequency can interact with office equipment, including computers.

    When that is the case with the job world, you can look for new start-up approaches to get rid of any possible challenges like this.


    This function is one of the most critical factors of all, whether for plant usage or for home usage. This has to do with the simplicity of usage that the unit will deliver for a wide variety of cutting tasks without the hassle of moving it from one position to another.

    This will make all the difference to locate a computer that provides portability, enabling us to move things from one work site to another. It also offers us the luxury of being lightweight and compact for the additional shoulder brace or undercarriage.

    That is why you need to check and compare portable features as one of the key factors for finding the right plasma cutter for you.

    This can also help you locate a cutter that will take up as less floor room as possible because you have little floor space in your work area.

    Test that it has a limited footprint as well as convenient storage choices for its consumables, torch and wire.


    Test for safety functionality, including a cooling network and security controls for heavy-duty applications. You would even want a defensive cage system around its pieces, such as an air filter, to avoid harm.

    What sort of cutting are you doing?

    The job you are preparing to undertake is the biggest deciding factor. If you are only cutting sheet metal, you do not need a large 200-amp plasma cutter for a 3/4-inch steel plate. For vehicle bodies and other light-duty jobs, a smaller unit costs less to buy and is expected to operate on 120 volt fuel for extra savings.

    What rates of power make the best plasma cutters?

    The first is production strength and service period when assessing electricity requirements. That decides the maximum limit where you can remove, and it will also decide whether you need 240 volt input or whether you can get 120 volt input. You can determine that 120/240 dual voltage input power is more flexible.

    Do you need a source of air pressure?

    Any of the equipment come with an integrated air compressor. Others need outside air from a different air compressor. Based on the scale of the plasma cutter, the on-board compressor will bring considerable costs. While you will need to obtain a different air compressor, it will also act as a power source for spray guns and air tools.

    Do you require sophisticated features?

    There are a few solutions that bring a lot of flexibility to the method and make it simple to use.

    Various Arc Starting Types: Many devices launch the arc by hitting it, others drag the torch while some continue scraping like a welder. One downside of the high-frequency no-touch arc form is that it creates confusion with optical sensors such as optical gauges, handheld devices such as phones and tablets, and interferes with computers and CNC controls.

    Do you need numerical control on your computer? The CNC helps the machine to monitor the operation. This requires a special rack-type table that moves the torch to the grid system.

    Does it have an adaptation of air flow? Many devices would require you to set the amount of time you need to maintain the air running to cool the metal when you finish cutting. Some have a feature identical to the automated environment.

    Specialized Automated Controls:

    Certain devices alter the controls for air pressure or electrical current to suit how you fit your torch or to adapt to evolving circumstances. Some of them have factory presets and you select the material and thickness to start cutting.

    Automatic Torch Re-Strike:

    This feature helps the tool to cut holes in the metal sheet. Obstructions such as bolt holes, part cutouts and components such as stretched wire, mesh or grinding may be present. The electromagnetic sensor is capable of identifying holes in the metal surface being sliced. The torch shuts off automatically as it crosses the gap, and then hits the arc again when it is over the metal surface.

    Choosing the Right Torch for the best plasma cutters

    There are two common types of plasma cutting torches. The most common torches are the high-frequency starting systems that create a spark with a  high-voltage transformer, capacitors, and spark-gap assembly. High frequency torches have the advantage of not using any moving parts and therefore remain fairly dependable. However, they do require occasional maintenance and may create electric noise that can interfere with computers and other nearby electrical equipment in your office, shop, or home.

    Another option is the contact start torch that uses a moving electrode or nozzle in order to produce a spark that lights the pilot arc. This kind of torch does not create inference with other electrical items and turns on instantly without a pre-flow cycle.

    Additional features of best plasma cutters

    An excellent feature to explore in a torch is a drag shield that attaches to the cup of the torch and holds the tip at the ideal 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch from the metal being cut--this distance is known as the "stand off." The torch can be operated at full capacity with a constant standoff. The standoff distance is based on the thickness of the metal and the amount of amperage used to cut it, with low amperage cutting requiring little to no standoff distance.

    If you plan on working on thin metal, you will most likely only need a single flow torch that works with limited amperage and does not require an extra flow of shielding gas in order to cool the torch. For larger cutting operations or users who plan on cutting thick metal, a dual flow torch with a shielding gas will make it possible to cut thicker metal at a high amperage.

    Regardless of the way a torch ignites the plasma arc or utilizes a drag shield, choose a torch design that fits your hand well, especially if you plan on using it for extended periods of time.


    Warranty periods vary widely, from a few months to a few years. The organization behind the pledge will uphold its promise to provide fast service. Some brands have nationwide dealership networks, making a quick turnaround. Others may have only one service center in the country or require overseas shipping. Make sure that you pay the expense of selling the computer to the supplier or that the vendor pays the cost.

    Source of Electricity

    Plasma cutters can use either air pressure or electricity to cut through metals. They are similarly good and ideal for most projects, although you may consider that one is best for where you live.

    If you rarely have access to electrical outlets, you are going to want an air pressure model. No matter what cutter you choose, you should also consider the type of gas you need to run on.

    With electrical cutters, you should choose one with dual voltage options because you will not always have access to the same outlets. Both 110V and 220V standard power sources can be used with these models. Some plasma cutters come with adapters that allow you to change the plug so that different outlets can be used.

    The thickness of the plate

    Based on the quality of the fabrics and metals you use, you may want to test the quality of the plasma cutter blade. This corresponds to the highest thickness the tool will break through.

    You can usually note that most of them have a plate thickness of up to 3/8-inch while dealing with aluminum. This ensures that steel plates up to 5/8-inch thick and stainless steel plates with a thickness of 1/2-inch can also be removed.

    Term of service

    The service cycle informs you how long a plasma cutter should be used without compromising your health. This typically relies on the amperage of the welder and shows in a percentage format on the box.

    Plasma cutter with a lower duty cycle can only run for a few minutes, but one with a high duty cycle can run longer. If you are working with thicker metal, you need one with a longer duty cycle. It means that you can complete the job without overheating the blade.

    Price slash

    One thing you might not think about when choosing a plasma cutter is the quality of the cut. Machines with the highest amperage settings typically produce better cuts. At a lower amperage, the cutter has to remove more energy to create cuts that may contribute to jagged or rough points.

    The consistency of the cut is critical as it will help you finish the job faster. If you have rough or jagged surfaces, you may need to go over the surfaces with a sander to buff them off.

    Cuting Pace

    Plasma cutters also have more than one cutting pace, which helps you to pick the pace that fits better for your project. With a higher speed, you can cut the metal in one pass as long as you stick to the maximum thickness. You would need to travel over the metal more than once at a lower level.

    Keep in mind that cutting speed can also be related to the duty cycle. A machine with a five-minute duty cycle will need to be shut down and cool for five minutes before it can be used again.

    Choosing the best plasma cutters

    There are two common types of plasma cutting torch. The most popular torches are high-frequency charging systems that generate a high-voltage transformer, capacitor and spark-gap ignition. High-frequency torches have the advantage of not having any rotating components and thus are relatively accurate. Nonetheless, they may need periodic maintenance which can create electrical noise that could conflict with computers and other nearby electrical equipment in your workplace, shop or home.

    Touch ignition torch

    Another choice is a touch ignition torch that uses a traveling electrode or nozzle to create a spark that lights the pilot arc. It form of torch does not establish correlation with certain electrical devices and is automatically turned on without a pre-flow process.

    An outstanding aspect to be discovered in a torch is a drag shield that connects to the cup of the torch which keeps the tip at the appropriate 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch from the metal being cut-this angle is regarded as "stand off." The torch may be worked at maximum potential with a continuous standoff. The distance of standoff is dependent on the thickness of the metal and the volume of amperage used to cut it, with low amperage cutting needing little to no distance of standoff.

    Single flow torch

    When you are going to operate on thin aluminum, you would most definitely need a single flow torch that operates with minimal amperage and will not need an additional flow of shielding gas to cool the torch. For larger cutting operations or users planning to cut thick metal, a dual flow torch with shielding gas will make it possible to cut thicker metal at high temperatures.

    No matter how a torch ignites the plasma arc or uses a drag shield, choose a torch design that fits your hand well, especially if you plan to use it for longer periods of time.

    Choosing your best plasma cutters consumables

    After the initial purchase of a plasma cutter, cutting tips and electrodes will be the most significant ongoing cost. But, before you pick up a plasma cutter, read as much as you can about how quickly your computer can handle these things. The broken tip of a bad procedure or a tired electrode can either slow down your cutting pace or the consistency of your cuts, so it is always suggested that you adjust the tip so electrode together to produce the best cutting efficiency.


    Which protective devices will I use while I use a plasma cutter?

    In general, you will wear a welding cap, a leather apron, lightweight gloves and sealed work shoes.

    Because the plasma cutting method generates ultraviolet light, a welding mask is an necessary protective aid.

    Leather apron, flexible gloves and work shoes are also essential to protect you from droplets and metal sparks.

    Why can I pick the electrical production that is perfect for me?

    110Volt or 220volt-The type of electrical output used by your workshop or workshop is a key factor when choosing a plasma cutter. This is due to the fact that each plasma cutter comes with its electricity requirement. Some features 110V, others 220V, while some of the more versatile models can handle both.

    What kind of efficiency would I look out for in best plasma cutters?

    Choose a plasma cutter that offers a quick and effective split. This is safer to use a layout that does not generate any slag, which requires less washing.

    How do I pick the right amp for my job?

    First, determine the requirements for your cutting capacity. Then, decide what the power capability of your workplace is.

    What consumables do I have to use with best plasma cutters?

    Normally, you will use the plasma cutter with a nozzle, electrode, retaining cap, shield and swirl ring.

    How much of the consumables do I need to store?

    It depends on the habits of use and output specifications. However, nozzles and electrodes can also need replacement.

    May I use the Plasma Cutter To Cut Aluminum and Stainless Steel?

    You can certainly. You may use a plasma cutter to remove either ferrous or non-ferrous metal. Any regular plasma cutter should do the job right, while a high-performance device would do a better job.

    Why do I need to purchase a standard plasma cutter?

    There are several explanations for investing in a high-quality plasma cutter. First of all, purchasing a plasma cutter is an expense, not a responsibility. You have been buying a unit to use for a number of years. If you are searching for a cheaper and poorer performing model, you may find yourself trying to substitute it more quickly.

    I am the first time operator of the Plasma Cutters. What one is going to be the best for me?

    Every portable alternative with an incorporated compressor will function great for the first time consumer. The lightweight, portable design and basic technological capabilities may be the most effective option for a first-time customer.

    Safety tips for working on the best plasma cutters

    We have already shared some ideas that you might find defending yourself from an injury. And to protect your valuable weapon, the plasma cutter, and the metal from any harm. But before you start running, you can run over the safety tips below.


    1. Wear protective equipment and headgear to cover the hair, ears, head and neck. Make sure your clothes are immune to heat and flames. And you can need goggles to cover your eyes. In addition, it is recommended that you use a welding mask to protect your face.

    2. This is often advised that you use a welding mask to protect your eyes from the blinding light generated by the plasma cutter.

    3. For secure your hands and thighs, make sure you wear socks, complete trousers and long sleeve shirts. Do not let your skin be exposed to the plasma.

    4. Before you continue operating with a plasma cutter, make sure you are seated on a rubber pad.

    5. It sure the job place has a good air circulation device. Because plasma cutters operate on steam, there can be threats to safety through long-term usage.

    6. When you are using an electronic plasma cutter, make sure there is no water in it. Often, the position of the job is not hot. Therefore, also test the place of work prior to ensure sure the area is safe.


    Here's our guide on how to choose the best plasma cutter of 2020 that can help you cut metals like stainless steel, mild steel, and alloy steel and so on in no time.
    Choose a plasma cutter to suit your work needs. It is for the same reason that you need to compare their amperage rating and the different metal thicknesses to handle, ensuring that you do not have a hard time performing and accomplishing your projects.

    There is more, it would pay off to consider their reliability and portability functions, enabling you to use the computer on demand and without any issues.

    Using a heavy-duty machine can also give you the peace of mind that you do not waste a single cent of your investment.

    That is why you need to practice sound judgment in weighing your choices and deciding which machine has the right amperage, cutting speed and metal thickness compatibility for your needs.

    We trust you will be able to choose the right plasma cutter budget after reading our feedback and buying guide and making a fantastic decision today!

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