The Best Suction Pool Cleaner – Ultimate Guide & Reviews

    best suction pool cleaner

    Pool owners all around the world really appreciate it when their pools are spectacularly clean and tidy. Of course, pools tend to get dirty and messed up after they have been used for some time. The experience of being in a dirt pool has never been pleasing to anyone. We all know how helpful acquiring the best suction pool cleaner can be for any pool owner. It makes the whole process of cleaning a pool to be as less tedious as compared to the normal cleaning. The final result after using it is something worthy of looking at.

    There are many suction pool cleaners around that can be employed in the pool cleaning process. The revolution in technology has brought about a lot of inventions and innovations and the suction pool cleaners have not been left behind either. Over the past years, suction pool cleaners were manual and made the whole process of cleaning and removing dirt to be extremely tedious. However, in recent years all the suction pool cleaners are very automatic making the process faster and time-saving. The quality of work they perform has also improved greatly. In this particular review, we are going to look at how to select the most appropriate suction pool cleaner that is durable and efficient.

    How to choose the best suction pool cleaner?

    There are many factors that you need to keep in mind when looking for your preferred suction pool cleaner. These factors will help you in making the right decision when it comes to pool cleaners. Suction pool cleaners usually come with different specifications and models and it’s important that you find one that meets your needs or the needs of the pool it will be used in. It is important to know the general factors that relate to all the suction pools and understand their work better.

    Benefits of using a suction pool cleaner

    Step 1. It is energy saving

    Almost all the suction pool cleaners that are in the market come with a function that is in-built which after a set period of time automatically turns off the machine. This implies that it enables you to prevent wastage of energy after the machine has finished its work.

    Step 2. It is cost-effective

    A suction pool cleaner offers the best alternative for pool owners who are on a budget. It gets rid of the need to hire individuals to perform the cleaning on your pool. You only have to do a one-time investment on the machine and it will offer great service for a very long time.

    Step 3. It gets rid of all debris and sediments

    Debris and sediments are a very common thing in pools. Getting rid of them can be very difficult and hectic. However, a suction pool cleaner usually comes with a suction tool that is used in seeping away all the debris and sediments from the floor of the pool. Others come with a function of a scrub that is responsible for wiping out all the algae and bacteria from a pool.

    Step 4. Has a low cost of maintenance

    Suction pool cleaners usually reduce the expenses incurred when it comes down to maintenance. This applies to suction pool cleaners for both your residential or commercial pools. The machine can perform the cleaning work at the scheduled time. It enables you to maintain your pool with minimal expenses on its maintenance.

    Step 5. Offers protection to the floor of the pool

    Some pool floors are prone to wearing out when they are left dirty and not well taken care of. The correct maintenance is essential to increase their lifespan. Regular cleaning of a pool with the use of suction pool cleaner ensures that the alkalinity, hardness of calcium as well as the pH levels are properly maintained.

    Step 6. Cleans all corners of your pool

    There are corners and walls in your pool that need extreme care when cleaning. Suction pool cleaners are able to provide this since they come with a suction tool and bristles that are able to reach all areas in your pool even those that are hard to reach when normal cleaning is done.

    Step 7. Ensures pool users are not exposed to contamination

    The welfare of pool users is very important and suction pool cleaners usually ensure that this is achieved. This is because they ensure that all dirt and harmful organisms in a pool are removed. They even help in avoiding slip-ups in a pool by getting rid of the algae and molds that may accumulate on the pool floor.

    Step 8. It is environmental friendly

    Suction pool cleaners tend to be very eco-friendly and safe for the environment that surrounds your pool. The machine is mainly used underwater and therefore cannot produce chemicals that can contaminate the water and harm anyone who has access to the pool. It also doesn’t emit harmful gases while the heat that the machine produces is very well controlled to prevent any dangers.

    Attributes to look for in the best suction pool cleaner

    The process of looking for a suction pool cleaner in online and pool shops can be confusing to you due to the wide range of options available. You can find yourself buying the machines from unknown brands which in the end may be difficult to use. This information gives you a good understanding of the type of suction pool cleaner that will match perfectly well with your pool cleaning needs. The following are some of the attributes that you should keep in mind in order to get yourself the best suction pool cleaner;

    A. Type of surface it is suited for

    This is the first attribute that you need to keep in mind when looking for a suction pool cleaner. Different suction pool cleaners are made to work perfectly well on different pool surfaces and be effective under these conditions. The different pool surfaces can be fiberglass, vinyl, concrete or other materials.

    B. Compatibility

    This is another attribute to look at. The pump and system of filtration that is installed in your pool determine the type of suction pool cleaner that can be used. It should always be compatible with the pool system that you have installed.

    C. Type of hose

    Heavy-duty hoses that are durable are mainly found on the best suction pool cleaners. These hoses are also not prone to leaks, entanglement or even tears. The type of hose that comes with a suction pool cleaner usually indicates the quality of that particular product. Some cleaners have hoses that are of inferior quality and therefore you should be on the lookout for this.

    D. Type of design

    Suction pool cleaners have two main types of designs which are flappers and wheels. The design of flappers is very efficient in sucking up the debris that has accumulated on the floor of your pool. On the other hand, a suction pool cleaner that is wheeled is very efficient in wall climbing. It also contains features of scrubbing that are much needed in getting rid of debris and algae that may have built upon the walls.

    E. Control and ease of movement

    The best suction pool cleaner should be lightweight and one that can easily move around. This enables you to get around impediments and places that are difficult to reach with much ease. The wheeled cleaners come with climbing attributes and contain better controls.

    F. Durability and reliability

    Suction pool cleaners from recognized brands are recommended since they tend to last for long and can be relied upon to deliver quality service as compared to pool cleaners from brands that are less known. A good suction pool cleaner should offer you value for money.

    G. Suction power

    Suction pool cleaners come with different powers of suction and this brings out the difference between a clean and sparkling pool. Powerful suction pool cleaners are able to suck up all the debris including the finer particles from the floor of your pool which leaves it sparklingly clean. A less powerful suction motor is not able to deal with all kinds of debris.

    H. Maintenance

    The best suction pool cleaner should be easy to maintain. It should also come with filters that you can easily change and are also reusable. This is important as it will make your work and life easier when it comes down to taking care of your pools to the desired standards.

    I. Terms and conditions of the warranty

    Since suction pool cleaners are not cheap products, it is important that one clearly understands their terms and conditions that usually come with the warranty. It is recommended that you choose manufacturers who offer the best terms. This offers you some form of protection to the equipment you purchase.

    J. Brushes and bristles

    A suction pool cleaner that is equipped with the features of a brush and bristle tends to be a bit expensive. However, they come in handy when you are in need of a machine that can clean up all algae, debris and muck that may have accumulated on the walls of a pool and its floor. They improve the clarity levels of water in a pool and in the long run make the maintenance of your pool much easier and cost-efficient too.

    How best can a suction pool cleaner be used?

    The proper maintenance of your pool is very essential if you want to enjoy the maximum benefits of your facility. The suction side pool cleaners offer the most effective tool for pool cleaning. The following are some of the steps that a suction pool cleaner takes when cleaning your pool;

    • To start with, the pump system that is installed has to draw water from the various sides of your pool through a few of the pipes. This water is then directed to outlets using a pump that is located around the filter. The water goes through the pipes and is led to the filters.
    • The second step involves the water being churned back into the outside by the filter via a series of pipes. These are usually located on a different section of the pool. Once the above steps are complete, the water in the pool is kept clean and fresh.
    • The suction side pool cleaner is able to plug into the installed pump system with easy. The suction pump has a suction tool that is used to power the vacuum and move inside your pool and clean its floor. The suction side pool cleaner is highly effective when running.

    The controversy surrounding suction pool cleaners

    The name suction side pool cleaner is very misleading and has brought out some kind of controversy. The name itself can make you think that it is a kind of pool cleaner that is stuck to a section of your pool where it performs its work which is actually not the case. Instead, it is just an addition to your pump that comes with a series of tubes and pipes which lead to and back from a filter. The pressure exerted by the installed system of pumps usually powers the pool cleaner to act like an underwater vacuum that keeps the floor of your pool clean.

    5 best suction pool cleaners

    The following are some of the best suction pool cleaners that you can get to help you maintain your pool;

    In-Ground Zodiac MX6 Suction-side pool cleaner

    The Zodiac MX6 is an automatic, compact and powerful pool cleaner. It comes with an efficient vacuum power that is usually in-class. This particular suction side pool cleaner has a navigation that is programmed to enable you to clean your pool with a lot of ease.

    Its innovative design that is low flow makes to very energy efficient as compared to other regular cleaners. It works perfectly and offers maximum results with speed pumps that are variable and 2 speed. The suction that it comes with is cyclone which makes it powerful at its work. It also has a turbine-like blade that makes it easy for the pool cleaner to climb up the walls aggressively.

    The Zodiac MX6 suction side pool cleaner can be assembled very easily due to the connect style that comes with it which is quick. It contains a flow regulator that enables you to have control over the water that flows as you may desire. This particular unit includes an 8.4 m hose, hose protector, weir value, a valve for regulating flow, a locked elbow that is twisted and hose float.


    • It runs on a system that is self-cleaning
    • It is simple to assemble and make use of
    • It is very cost-efficient when the pump runs at a lower RPM
    • It features a suction that is high power cyclone and advanced too


    • It malfunctions when debris and leaves clog in it.

    Zodiac Baracuda G3 Automatic pool cleaner

    This is mainly a suction pool cleaner that is made to fit pools that are in-ground. It is a pool cleaner that works automatically and is very efficient at cleaning the walls of your pool. It boasts of being able to get rid of debris, leaves, dirt, pebbles, bugs and twigs. It comes with a flow regulator which has a control valve that is self-adjusting and is able to check on the flow of water automatically. This makes it have the ability to maintain its performance regardless of even when it is connected to a pump that has a lower HP. It also doesn’t need any tools during the installation process.

    This unit contains a hose that is 36 feet long and a scrub sic. Its wheel deflector enables you to move the suction pool cleaner around obstacles such as corners, the ladders of the pool and steps during the process of cleaning. Its design is usually anti-stick to enable you to cover the whole pool with ease. It boosts to be one of the pool cleaners that are automatic but doesn’t produce the unpleasant hammering sound as the other pool cleaners. However quite it might seem, it is very tough at its job.

    The suction pool cleaner can be used on pools with surfaces of granite, tile, vinyl or fiberglass.


    • It is usually ready for use since it is pre-assembled on sale
    • It doesn’t produce a hammering sound because it doesn’t the flapper
    • It works automatically
    • It has easy wheel movement due to its advanced technology
    • It is very affordable


    • It is difficult to assemble the hose for some users.

    896584000-518 Hayward Poolvergnuegen

    This particular model of a suction pool cleaner usually comes in two-wheel drives which are either 2 or 4. You can choose either of the two-wheel drives by considering the actual size of your pool. This suction pool cleaner contains turbine vanes that are self-adjusting which provide the maximum power regardless of the type of flow you may opt for. Its management of debris is very efficient too.

    The tire treads that come with this suction pool cleaner are patented to make its climbing and management of obstacles to be highly enhanced. Its roller skirt is easily adjustable to optimize the suction even when you use it on surfaces that are uneven. It also has multiple steering sequences that are located internally and have been pre-programmed to enable you to have full coverage of the pool. It comes with three throats that are interchangeable so as to ensure that the suction performance is at optimal even when there is a lower flow or when the debris being passed is large.


    • It ensures your pool is extremely clean and spotless 
    • It enables one to adjust the power of suction by simply turning the knob
    • Its 4 wheel version offers wide coverage of the pool.
    • Its tire treads offer a good climbing ability
    • It has maximum power provided by the self-adjusting turbine
    • It comes with two options of wheels to choose from


    • It is very expensive when it comes to its parts.

    XtremepowerUS- 75037 Automatic Suction Vacuum

    The XtremepowerUS which is an automatic suction vacuum comes with ten hoses that enable you to cover pools even up to 30 inches. It is the perfect suction vacuum cleaner for cleaning the floor of your pool and its walls. It has a flapper that can be moved freely to avoid the clogging of debris from the inside.

    The XtremepowerUS can be used in different positions of the pool to redirect the flow of water you use to clean the pool in-ground as well as above the ground. It performs perfectly well together with a 1 hp pump for swimming pools and a 1600 GHP. It doesn’t require electricity for it to operate and all you need to do is just attaching it to the filtration system that has already been installed in your pool.

    This particular model is able to navigate around your pool by itself. Therefore you don’t need to spend much time removing impediments or other cleaning implements in your pool. It is able to clean almost all types of debris from your pool which include leaves, algae, twigs, and other particles. It is able to clean your pool regardless of the size, shape or construction.

    In addition, you should also confirm that the hoses do not have any air while the XtremepowerUS is running.


    • It is ideal in cleaning the walls of your pool 
    • Its assembling is very easy and works perfectly well
    • Its design is much flexible which enables thorough cleaning
    • It is very eco-friendly
    • It is easy to maintain


    • The water flow is never powerful
    • It is not able to clean well the shallow end of your pool

    In-ground Pentair Kreepy Krauly GW9500 Pool Cleaner

    The Pentair GW9500 kreepy krauly pool cleaner is very ideal for your in-ground pool. It has the ability to reach the whole depth of dirt and debris and this leaves your pool clean and sparkling. It has a mechanism of bristle drive that breaks lose even the most headstrong stains or debris. This particular model can cover up to 15 inches of the surface it is cleaning at ago. It is perfect for surfaces made of gunite, vinyl, and fiberglass. It is also very ideal for pools with bottoms that are flat, hopper or inclined.

    This model also features a patent steering that is SmartTrac which enables it to navigate around your pool with ease and no interruptions. For your safety, it comes with a cover that is spring-loaded to fit the door of the vacuum port and has to be opened using a tool. This ensures that it never gets stuck in any place due to the turning mechanism that is very unique to it and allows it to escape to different sections of your pool. It has a regulator valve that is adjustable and a flow gauge which enables you to set up the right speed you may want in cleaning your pool very effectively.


    • It is very effective in loosening stubborn grime  
    • It never gets stuck in one place during the cleaning process
    • It has the ability to get to the shallow end of your pool
    • It doesn’t require any assembling
    • It offers quick and complete coverage of your pool.
    • It is simple to set up and use


    • It might spin in one location


    In conclusion, I recommend the Zodiac Baracuda G3 Automatic pool cleaner. This is due to the fact that it is already pre-assembled and ready for use in your pool. It usually performs its work automatically and doesn’t produce any hammering noise. It is also affordable to acquire and comes with advanced technology on its wheel movement. This particular suction pool cleaner satisfies all the required attributes when looking for the best suction pool cleaner for your pool.

    Since it works automatically and is able to navigate around any obstacles such as steps or stairs, you are able to clean your pool with less effort and in a quicker way. However, you should always keep in mind that the task of cleaning your pool is never an easy one and you need to employ the use of the best suction pool cleaner around. The simple fact that the Zodiac Baracuda G3 Automatic pool cleaner is able to reach all sides and walls of your pool enhances the safety and efficiency of the whole task.

    All the above factors make the Zodiac Baracuda G3 Automatic pool cleaner the perfect choice for cleaning your personal or commercial pool.

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