Best Thread Sealant For Air Ride – Review and Guide

    best thread sealant for air ride

    If you look at any plumber or repair specialist in the toolbox, you are sure to see any kind of sealant for the drain. Various forms of sealants exist for different occupations. Potentially, using the wrong sealant will lead to leaks, water loss and other serious problems. Pipe sealants, also known as pipe joint additives, as the name implies, seal threaded pipe fittings and block the leakage path along the tube. But how do you know what the best thread sealant for air ride is?

    Top 5 best thread sealants for air ride

    There are many best thread sealant for air ride but we will single out the top 5 we have seen based on ratings and usage, read on to find out how we singled out 5 for the best thread sealant for air ride.

    1) Loctite Heavy Duty Threadlocker, 0.2 oz.

    The Loctite Threadlocker Red 271 is designed to securely lock and seal threaded fasteners and prevent vibration from loosening. It is ideal for fittings up to 1" (25 mm) with a special solution that is great for valve covers, water pumps and engine alternators, machines and vehicles.

    Moisture Immune

    The Loctite Threadlocker Red 271 is resistant to moisture and prevents threads from rotting, rusting and degrading while reducing the need to store nuts and washers on expensive locks. This can be conveniently set up for 10 minutes in 24 hours.

    Absolute seal

    This is a plain sealant and no chemicals or fillers are required to produce this sealant. All type of contaminants, undesirable particles or chemicals are dangerous to fittings as they clogg and degrade the components. However this sealant ensures the customer that its composition does not contain these toxins.

    Overview Overall

    The Loctite Threadlocker Red is the most versatile pipe sealant out there and you will find yourself in need of this product with multiple application options, including automotive and heavy machinery materials. However this product may not last long compared to other sealants.


    • Powerful obligation
    • Formula of high strength
    • Compatible with powerful equipment


    • It could not be able to last a long time

    2) Permatex 24200 Medium Strength Threadlocker Blue, 6 ml

    Permatex Medium Strength Threadlocker Blue Formula is an all-purpose threadlocker suitable for products from 6 mm to 20 mm with both nut and bolt systems. This threadlocker seals and locks, preventing the weakening of parts due to vibration, eliminating the need to store expensive lock nuts and lock washers. It also avoids rust threads and is removable for fast disassembly with simple tools.

    Anaerobic Formulation

    Threadlockers are anaerobic products, which means they can be cured only in the absence of air and active metal. It not only seals air from the fitting of the air compressor, but also prevents oil leakage, hydraulic pump, diesel fuel and other devices from flowing through these fluids.

    Application for General Purpose

    This sealant is a general-purpose coating for traditional lock washers, nylon inserts and other mechanical devices, as it secures the entire fastener structure against shock and vibration by filling the gap between threaded metal components, curing them to form a rigid, adhesive bond and seal.

    Overview Overall

    Permatex Medium Strength Threadlocker is an all-rounder pipe thread sealant suitable for multiple general purpose applications. It has an anaerobic formulation that will provide additional support for your adhesion.


    • Suitable for the flow of air and liquid
    • It is easy to use
    • Versatile temperature


    • Long curing and drying time

    3) Oatey 31230 Pipe Joint Compound with PTFE with Brush

    This pipe sealant has a non-hardening, soft set composition, providing excellent sealing and assembling properties. Its formulation can also withstand up to 3,000 PSI for gasses and 10,000 PSI for liquids with available thermal capacities of-50 to 400 Fahrenheit for glasses and-50 to 500 Fahrenheit for liquids.

    Threaded Link Formulation Capable

    This compound sealant is intended to seal threaded joints due to internal leakage pressure. Allows tighter attachment with lower torque, stable permanent sealing of all threaded connections, and allows quick disassembly without stripping or damaging threads.

    Tube Versatile Application

    This sealant can be used on threads made of plastic or metal to lubricate and seal all threaded joints without hardening or separating. This product can also support pipe materials such as PVC, CPVC, ABS and cyclic, polypropylene, copper and stainless steel.

    Overview Overall

    Oatey Pipe Joint Compound may be the best overall pipe thread seal, it has an impressive design that can adhere to multiple pipe materials, including steel. Plus the packaging includes the applicator, so you will not think about how to apply it. It is no doubt the best thread sealant for air ride if you are looking for a versatile sealant.


    • Approved for use with Flowguard Gold, Blazemaster, and Corzan pipe systems
    • Top Applicator Brush included
    • Non-toxic, non-stick formula
    • Allows easy disassembly without stripping or damaging threads


    • Messy to be used

    4) Rectorseal 23631 1/4 Pint Brush Top T Plus 2 Pipe Thread Sealant

    The Sealant Rectorseal 23631 1/4 T Plus 2 Pipe Thread is made of Synthetic Fibers and Teflon, which are spread over a resinous base combined with inert mineral fillers, making it a better thread sealant. In addition to being used on compressor fittings, it can be used on pipes or joints where gas, refrigerants, fuels, water, oil flow, and many more.

    Non-hearing sealant

    This is a non-hardening seal on the thread. Apart from Teflon & Synthetic Fibers, it has PTFE which makes it solid and non-hard so that the sealant can be easily added or peeled off. The coefficient of friction of the Thread Sealant is very low, giving it a stronger joint.

    Resinous Fiber Base

    Inert mineral fillers are mixed with a resinous base and the fibers of this sealant are distributed in its formulation so that the best possible sealing output is offered in the table. It is also excellent for a service that needs immediate pressure.

    Overview Overall

    This sealant has proven to be the best non-hardening pipe thread sealant out there because of its formulation. It has a resinous base that allows for maximum sealing capability. It also has multiple features that are a smart choice to consider when searching for a pipe sealant.


    • For drinking water use (hot or cold)
    • Lead-free and does not contain any other metals
    • It lubricates and protects threads
    • Formulated for plastic and metal pipes


    • Cannot be sealed gasket

    5) Gasoila - SS16 Soft-Set Pipe Thread Sealant with PTFE Paste, Non Toxic, -100 to 600 Degree F, 1 Pint Brush

    The Gasoila Soft-Set Pipe Thread Sealant is a non-invasive, non-toxic and non-hardening composite sealant consisting of polytetrafluoroethylene ( PTFE). This powerful sealant will seal fittings made of various materials such as copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, glass, polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, polybutylene, PVC, nylon and more.

    Versatile temperature

    This sealant can remain permeable at colder temperatures and operates up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit which can withstand airflow pressures of up to 3000 PSI. The formula also serves as an assembly lubricant to help prevent the corrosion of components under different temperatures.

    Resistance to oil

    The sealant has outstanding gasoline resistance such as E10 and E85, petroleum solvents, kerosene fuel oil, biodiesel propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas, cutting oils, ammonia, aliphatic solvents, acids and steam.

    Overview Overall

    Gasoila Soft-Set Pipe Thread Sealant may be the strongest sealant especially for gas and oil plumbing, it has an excellent formula that adds features that enable oil resistance. However, you need to be careful not to include this in your oxygen flow plumbing.


    • Strong sealer
    • Lock Air Efficacy
    • Easy to apply and to peel off


    • Not suitable for the flow of oxygen


    What is a pipe thread seal?

    Before we get into how the pipe thread seal is used, let us dig into some common questions about it. Namely, we are going to answer:

    • What is a thread sealant?
    • What is the PTFE?
    • Is the thread sealant of the glue?
    • What is the difference between PTFE and TeflonTM?

    What is a thread sealant?

    Simply put, thread seal is a material that fills gaps at threaded pipe connections, preventing fluids from leaking out. In addition to creating fluid-tight seals, pipe thread seals also lubricate threads, making assembly faster.

    Pipe thread sealants are available in two general varieties—paste and tape. Paste sealants are applied directly to both male and female threads with a brush or finger. They are sometimes referred to as pipe dope or pipe joint compounds. Paste sealants may have different ingredients. Some people use PTFE. Others consist of a mixture of minerals, rosin and alcohol.

    Some pipe thread sealants are anaerobic, which means that they dry only in the absence of air and in the presence of metal. Other sealants are not meant to dry at all. Read the product instructions to make sure you use the right sealant for the correct application.

    Tape thread seals are a mess-free alternative to paste seals. Tape sealants do not have a solvent; instead the sealant is made into a film and sold in rolls of varying width, thickness and density. Tape sealants are simply applied by wrapping the tape around it and pressing it into the threads, and are made of PTFE.

    What is the PTFE?

    A lot of thread sealants are made of PTFE, but what is it? Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE for short) is a fluoropolymer—in other words, a plastic containing fluorine atoms. Its useful properties shall include:

    1. 1
      A melting point of around 620°F (327°C)—for most applications, PTFE will not melt.
    2. 2
      Hydrophobic—does not dissolve in water or get wet.
    3. 3
      Chemically inert—PTFE is not dissolved or dissolved in traditional organic solvents such as acetone, turpentine, hexane or lighter fluid.
    4. 4
      Low friction—PTFE is slick, but it is widely used to avoid trapping.
    5. 5
      Besides pipe strings, PTFE is often widely used to coat the surface of nonstick pans. The same properties that make it perfect for sealing and lubrication of pipe threads make it fantastic for stick-free cooking.
    6. 6
      Chemical composition for PTFE
    7. 7
      Polytetrafluoroethylene is a polymer (a mixture of several of the same molecules; most plastics are polymers) of tetrafluoroethylene.

    Is thread sealant glue?

    No! In terms of the term "tape" and the need for certain sealants to dry or heal, pipe thread sealants are not adhesive. Know, the benefit of threaded pipes is fast installation and disassembly. The pipe thread seal has a dual meaning. It seals the fibers, however it lubricates. It makes it easy for them to bring together and take apart.

    Tube and pipe thread seal are essentially opposites. Pipe adhesive is used to make the "slip" of PVC joints permanent. In reality, PVC glue "melts" the male and female pipes so that they combine. If you place it on threaded PVC, the threads will be lost.

    What is the gap between PTFE and TeflonTM? What one is better?

    PTFE was first found by Roy J Punkett in 1938 when he was researching halocarbons in pursuit of a new coolant for DuPont. TeflonTM is a trademarked term for PTFE. It and PTFE are the same chemical with separate terms. There is no more incentive to purchase a sealant called "Teflon" instead of a sealant labeled "PTFE" than to buy a designer name instead of a popular range. Hopefully, this guide will help you single out the best thread sealant for air ride.

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