Best Treestand Backpack Straps – What You Need to Look At

    best treestand backpack s

    You might have probably realized that the straps included on your new climbing treestand are not reliable. These straps are usually uncomfortable, quite thin, and made from low-quality material. You, therefore, need to get the best treestand backpack straps to ensure that you don't strain your back or shoulders.

    In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the best treestand backpack strap in the market. This is the complete buyers' guide that will help you determine which treestand backpack strap best suits your needs.

    How to choose the best treestand backpack straps

    Buying a treestand backpack strap is not as easy as it seems, especially when you consider the numerous options in the market. There are thousands of different products to choose from, making the buying process rather challenging. If you have already tried to buy a treestand backpack strap online, then you have come across several variants and makes.

    To solve the confusion that you might already have, we need to take a look at the things to consider when making a purchase. Below are the top 6 things to consider when buying the best treestand backpack strap.


    Product Name



    Hunters Hybrid Safety System

    XOP XTREME Treestand Transport System

    USGI ACU Army Molle II

    Summit Treestand Backpack Straps

    Adjustable Waterproof Replacement

    Lone Wolf Padded Back Pack Straps

    1. Features and specifications

    You need to carefully consider the specifications and features that will suit you best. Some of the standard specifications that you have to look at include the maximum weight capacity and construction material. Understand that you need a quality treestand backpack strap that can support the required weight.

    You must also consider features such as adjustable buckles. Understand that you need a tight fit that offers comfort. Remember that you need the best equipment that suits you, and comfort should be high on your list.

    2. Consumer reviews and rating

    Whenever buying any piece of equipment, you have to consider what previous clients are saying. Company product descriptions are usually filled with a lot of technical information. This means that they won't help you get the full picture of what you are buying.

    Consumer reviews and ratings, on the other hand, are filled with testimonials of what the product offers. You get to have a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of what you are about to purchase. 

    Always go for products with a consumer rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars. The rating should also be based on a ton of reviews and not just a handful. You would rather get a product with a 4-star rating after a thousand reviews, than a product with a 5-star rating after ten reviews.

    3. Cost

    Before you start looking at the different options available in the market, you need to create a budget. Start by figuring out how much you are willing to spend to get the best treestand backpack straps that suit you.

    You can then proceed to find a good-quality treestand backpack strap that falls within your budget. You don't have to break the bank to find the best treestand backpack strap. Understand that you can always find quality at an affordable price.

    However, don't always go for the cheap products because they are usually constructed from low-quality material. You might end up buying several over a year, which is not economical. Ensure that you find a suitable product at an affordable price because you get durability and quality construction.

    4. Brand value

    When buying the best treestand backpack strap, you need to consider the brand. Look for a brand that has been in the market for a while. These brands understand what their customers expect from them due to their years of experience.

    Brands that have been in the market for an extended period want to maintain their good reputation. These brands will, therefore, provide nothing but the best for their consumers. Considering brand value ensures that you get all the necessary features and specifications that you need.

    5. Warranty

    Warranty is an important aspect that you have to consider when purchasing a treestand backpack strap. Understand that warranty dictates the quality that you are getting. High-quality products will have a more extended warranty when compared to low-quality products.

    The duration of a warranty is an indication of the producer's confidence in their product. A manufacturer will include an extended warranty when they are confident that their product is created from durable material.

    Warranty is also vital because it gets you peace of mind. You can use the product without having any worries. You have to consider warranty, especially when you plan on using your treestand backpack strap often.

    6. Construction material

    The construction material will determine the durability of your treestand backpack strap. High-quality equipment will ensure that you can get prolonged use, which is excellent. Start by ensuring you get one with metal buckles since they are more durable than plastic.

    A good quality treestand backpack strap is usually constructed from high-density nylon or aluminum material. Ensure that you carefully consider the construction material before making any purchase. Looking at customer reviews will also help you determine the quality construction used.
    Best treestand backpack strap – Top 5 review

    Top five  best treestand backpack straps reviews

    1. Hunters Hybrid Safety System

    The Hunters Hybrid Safety System is infused with Elimishield hunt scent technology. The entire treestand backpack strap is heat fused with the latest hunt scent control technology, thus ensuring that you get lifetime use.

    You get to store all the different gears that you might have when you use this treestand backpack strap. It includes six pockets, bino clips, and cell phone pockets to ensure that you can conveniently carry all your equipment. The zippered pockets ensure that you don't lose any items while hunting, which is a huge plus.

    The upper mesh is constructed from lightweight material, thus ensuring that you get the perfect fit for all hunting seasons. Having a quality treestand backpack strap that is constructed from lightweight material gives you more flexibility.

    The Hunters Hybrid Safety System incorporates a climbing strap and adjustable strap in its construction. You won't need to use carabineers when you purchase this treestand backpack strap. It also includes a charging USB port that you can hook to a compatible USB battery pack. Users get to charge their devices comfortably while on the move.


    • Includes economy Lineman's climbing strap
    • Lightweight upper mesh construction.
    • Elimishield hunt scent control
    • Charging USB port included


    • Expensive

    2. Summit Treestand Backpack Straps

    Summit treestands are a renowned manufacturer when it comes to quality and comfortable products. Now, the Summit Treestands Backpack Straps is no exception when it comes to comfortability and quality.

    They are a simple and affordable treestand backpack strap that include numerous features. The camouflage aspect ensures that you can successfully make your hunt without getting spotted. The product is also compatible with all the different kinds of treestands.

    However, understand that this product has to be reattached and detached every time you want to use the stand. Most consumers found this aspect to be a massive downfall because you spend a lot of time reattaching and detaching.

    The summit Treestand Backpack Straps is an affordable option that is constructed from high-quality material. However, this product usually pairs quite well with the Summit Treestand brand. You must, therefore, research on whether it is compatible with your current brand before making a purchase.


    • Camouflage
    • Affordable 
    • Quality construction


    • Inconvenient attachment

    3. XOP XTREME Treestand Transport System

    When you need a heavy-duty treestand backpack strap, then you have to consider the XOP XTREME Treestand Transport System. The padded shoulder straps ensure that you get maximum comfort during your hunting trips.

    The good news is that it fits almost all treestands and not just XOP products. You can, therefore, use this product with any kind of treestand that you might have. It is also quite affordable, making it worth considering, especially when you are on a budget.

    The fast strap system ensures that the user can quickly detach or attach, which is a huge plus when it comes to hunting. You get a system that allows you to camouflage while on your favorite hunting trail quickly. The silent neoprene buckle covers to ensure that you can move around undetected during your hunts.

    It features rugged military construction, which ensures increased durability. With the XOP XTREME Treestand Transport System, you get long-lasting service. This is important when you [plan on using the product frequently.

    The XOP XTREME Treestand Transport System also includes a hip belt that is increased mobility and comfort significantly. You get to move around quickly without having to strain your back or shoulders, thanks to the included hip belt.


    • Affordable 
    • Quality military-grade construction
    • Fast strap systems
    • Silent buckle covers
    • Padded shoulder straps


    • Stitching on some products is not satisfactory

    4. Adjustable Waterproof Replacement

    With a maximum capacity of 20 kg, the Adjustable Waterproof Replacement is among the top contenders. It features adjustable buckles that provide the user with a perfect fit for smooth movement when hunting.

    The Adjustable Waterproof Replacement is quick and easy to install on most treestands. You get metal rotating buckles and high-density nylon ribbon construction that gives you long-lasting use. The metal buckles are excellent when compared to plastic because they don't break easily.

    With this product, you get to carry heavy loads quite easily without straining your back or shoulders. The included hip belt ensures that weight is evenly distributed whenever you are carrying heavy loads making movement a lot easier.

    This product is affordable, making it a good buy for individuals on a tight budget. You get quality and durability at a pocket-friendly price, which is excellent. The included clippings make it easier to get a more comfortable fit.

    However, some consumers have complained that the metal clips are not as strong as advertised. You should, therefore, be very careful to ensure that you don't carry more than the recommended weight when using these treestand backpack straps.


    • High-density nylon ribbon construction
    • Adjustable metal rotating buckles
    • Easy to install


    • Metal clippings not strong enough

    5. USGI ACU Army Molle II

    If you have shoulder issues, then you need to consider the USGI ACU Army Molle II treestand backpack straps. They include extra shoulder straps that distribute weight better when compared to the other treestand backpack straps.

    The straps are also sturdy and extra padded, which ensures that you get a comfortable feel whenever you sue the product. This 17inch high and 10inch wide treestand backpack strap is a massive upgrade when compared to the stock straps.

    Although the USGI ACU Army Molle II is quite expensive, all the customers seem satisfied with their purchase. There are a lot of positive reviews that emphasize the comfort and durability that these treestand backpack straps offer.

    However, note that there is no instructional included during purchase. You will need to look at YouTube reviews to help you figure out how to attach them to your treestand correctly. Quite frankly, this is a small price to pay, considering the product's quality.


    • Genuine US military  
    • Rugged construction
    • 10inch wide and 17inch


    • Expensive
    • Instructional not included

    Final Verdict:

    Buying the best treestand backpack straps is essential when you want to make the most from your hunting and camping trips. Using the provided buyers guide, you should be able to find the best product that suits you.

    You have to carefully look at customer reviews and ratings to help you get a better understanding of what you are about to buy. Customer reviews are a great place to start because you get more details about the product. As stated earlier, manufacturer descriptions are usually filled with technical terms that may not give you a clear picture of the product.

    The top 5 treestand backpack straps review contains high-quality products to help you narrow down the options available in the market. However, the USGI ACU Army Molle II has to be our top pick. It features quality construction, has a ton of positive reviews, and includes several adjustments. Although expensive, you get the very best in the market.

    Use the above reviews to find the best product that suits your needs. Ensure that you pick a model that is compatible with your current treestand.

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