General Tools laser Tape Measure Review


    Several general tools laser distance measurements are already accessible from the big guys with distances bigger than general instruments. Whether it is not already apparent, the value of it would quickly become obvious. Let us see if this one is taking initiative. The "rule" of the thumb is that everybody should have a tape measure. If you are a handyman, you are likely to find yourself hitting an old ticked stick now and then. After all, how else can one prove that the $5 sub that he just purchased is a very long leg?

    You might choose the comfort of a laser distance meter for larger duration. But why do you pick one or the other if you can be extra nice to get both? General Tools has just launched a 2-in-1 measurement device incorporating 16 "tape and 50" laser in a single box. The size of a 
    regular tape measure. They sent us one to try out so let us have a brief peek at the LTM1 2-In-1 Laser Tape Test.

    Our take on this

    The General Tools 2-in-1 50-foot Laser tape measurement has a standard tape measuring form factor. But the large red button or the Led panel on the corner is impossible to ignore. This has features such as a belt buckle, blade split, and rubberized on the entire side and diode around the core.

    But interestingly, before you find out something, you can automatically start playing with the light. Two AAA batteries power the electrical portion of the tape that are – tadly mischievous – protected by a little screw of the Phillips handle. The kit includes a tiny screwdriver, and it is handy.


    Measure laser gap

    While I was acclimatizing with the general instrument taping, my Jack Russell went crazy and then we were a couple minutes off the deck, through the furniture and up a few floors, following the red mark. The red switch switches on when you activate the laser. It is shut down with a second press and calculated on the screen.

    Taking into account the length of the 3-1/4-inch tape, the tape's back may be positioned against a surface and weighed with a red dot on the opposite hand. Although that may contribute to a little dicey accuracy: since the laser is equivalent to the surface you calculate, General Tools says you can have a range of 50 meters in 1/4 inch. There is a little more variation than other 150-feet laser steps.

    General Tools 2-in-1 50-Foot Laser Tape Measure

    The power of the calculation is therefore its polyvalence. When measuring boards or for certain longs in which you can crop the tang on one end and match the markings on the other end, it is more reliable to use a standard tape calculation. This tape has this potential. When you had to stretch the tape to 90 degree locations , for example, as you are taking out an internal corner, a calculation will require a bit of error.

    The 1/2-inch difference of this tape at 50 feet apart is far better to use the laser to calculate this size, than to bend the tape tightly. In any case, I considered the deviation to be well below one quarter inch using my standard tape to estimate the laser calculation as accurately as possible.

    2-in-1 50, Laser Tape Analysis General Devices

    This is a sufficient feature to the tape itself. DIYers may find certain markers helpful. There are plenty. In the center, regular marks of seventeenths of an inch are visible, while on the bottom are marks of thirty seconds and fractions on the film. It seems a little chaotic, but it is not terrible.

    2-in-1 50, Laser Tape Analysis General Devices

    You can note that it splits by design as you take out the video. It will not recede until you click your index finger on the release button. It has no blade lock, though.

    In contrast to luxury tape measurments, the star is very short – a little over five feet. But I think General Tools agreed that laser function did not require a long standout.

    Design of consistency

    Owing to the strength of the laser diode and the stuff's vibrations, it is not long on the worksite that we worry about this rubber. We believe that many traders such as carpenters will like this calculation mixture in which distances between the walls with a laser and the raw boards with a tape measure.

    2-in-1 50, Laser Tape Analysis General Devices

    For DIYers, or maybe even real properties, that need quick approximate lengths to calculate with the tape. The General Tools 2-in-1 50-foot Laser Tape measurements are an excellent option. The alarm here is that there is no buffer feature on this tape that may save several measurements.


    The General Instruments 2-in-1 50-Foot Laser Tape Measure incorporates a 50-foot laser distance measure with a regular tape measure. This enables the consumer to weigh two surfaces or ends rapidly with conveniently. While the laser diode and material range are less reliable and may not have the same accuracy as luxury laser distance measurement. It still integrates measuring functions in a manner that no other device achieves.

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