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    how to clean fridge

    Guys, refrigerators or refrigerators are a very useful tool in everyday life. Our activity has made the fridge a lot easier for life. We are so busy at the present time that we can not market or cook in time. In this case, we have to keep many days of the day in the market and eat one day cooked food on another day. For this, market products or cooked foods are kept in refrigerators or refrigerators. But our very useful Fridge is stupid due to the lack of proper service. If raw or cooked food is to be stored, it can be a problem for food. Regardless of the rules and regulations, freezing food, food can be spoiled or poisoned. Your fridge may come to the stench. According to the researcher experts, about 70-80 percent of people do not know the exact rules of how to use the fridge. That’s why we can not eat fried food safely. We became very ill easily eat frozen smelly bad fiber that was kept refrigerated. So, we should preserve the frozen food by adopting the right way to keep fresh refresh food. For this, our fridge needs to be cleaned, as well as the proper use of refrigerators. Using refrigerators and using the fridge, the refrigerator can serve for a long time. Moreover, keeping the refrigerator always clean will always be kept in mind. If you keep the refrigerator clean, it will not be possible to cause unhealthy stench.

    Guys, I present the following rules about the proper use of freeze refrigerators, how to keep the refrigerator clean and fragrant, present it below.

    Step 1. Refrigeration rules: –

    how to clean fridge Guys, the proper rules to keep refrigerated foods must be guaranteed to get good service from refrigerators. Especially raw fish, meat and poultry products cannot be kept with other meals. These foods should be kept separate from refrigerators. There is a separate place for each refrigerator to keep these foods. If the fish does not keep the meat in a separate place, it can be mixed with other foods. Because many times the raw fish meat smells bad. If the juice is mixed with other foods, it is possible to have poisoning or other foods may become bad. So the proper rules for keeping the refrigerated food are to keep the food separately at different places in the refrigerator.

    Step 2. The exact temperature of the refrigerator and freeze: –

    how to clean the fridge, Maintaining proper temperatures of refrigerators or refrigerators is very important. If the refrigerator does not have the right temperature, then good service from the refrigerator cannot be expected. The temperature of each refrigerator should generally be 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celsius. And for the Deep Fridge, the temperature should be as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit or 17-degree centigrade. If the refrigerator is given the right temperature, then there is no danger of the loss of the product or food quality. So we should always keep the right temperature in the refrigerator.

    Step 3. How many days can be stored in the refrigerator: –

    Guys, it is not okay to sit for a long time in the refrigerator. If you put frozen onion for 4-5 days, it will increase the chance of loss of about 90%. Therefore, no matter how much-cooked food is preferred, it can never be frozen for 4-5 days. Even if they do not have to eat them out and eat them out. Keep in mind that the cooks can refrigerate fish, meat or eggs for maximum 4-5 days. If it lasts longer, they can become poisonous. So need to follow this guideline to keep your body health okay.

    Step 4. Refrigerate container or container: –

    how to clean fridge, Put the refrigerator in the pot or container; Those bags or containers must wear BPA-free labels. The containers which contain BPA-free labels, do not have refrigerated meals in those containers. In fact, the microwave can be used all over the refrigerator and can keep food on glass airtight pots. Besides, food can be kept in a plastic pot or container. You can only have a cooked meal behind the day-long meal. In this case, the rest of the meal is quite good.

    Step 5. Rules for fruits and vegetables: –

    It is important to have additional information about keeping friends, fruits, and vegetables. Because the only part of the frozen fruit is the body of ethylene gas, which can destroy fresh vegetables. So avocado, jam, banana, pear, and tomato will not be refrigerated. Elsewhere, vegetables which have ethylene gas out of the body should also be kept away from the fruit. Do not forget the bananas, especially with broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, peas, brinjal, lettuce to clean fridge In this case, ethylene sensor fruits and vegetables will be kept in a separate place in the refrigerator. Also, do not keep in vegetables or fruits airtight containers. Fruits and vegetables kept in airtight containers were damaged early.

    Step 6. Where to store the fridge: –

    how to clean fridge, Most of the fridge has different places to lay eggs. There will always be eggs in there. Do not forget to mention but do not have any other food to keep the eggs. If you put any other food in the place of eggs, the more chance of losing the food will increase. You can keep the raw eggs refrigerated for 4-5 weeks but cooked eggs or egg yolk will not be eaten by refrigeration for 4-5 days.

    Step 7. How many meals can be refrigerated: –

    how to clean fridge Guys, different meals can be kept frozen for a long time. It is important to know how long the food can be refrigerated.
    1. You can keep the salat freezing for 4-5 days.
    2. Hot dog or burger foods can be kept open for 1 week and not open for up to 2 weeks.
    3. If the frozen raw meat is good for 4-5 days refrigerated.
    4. Raw chicken can keep 1 year in the deep refrigerator and 5-6 months in the cut.
    5. The refrigerated soup is usually good for 4-5 days.
    6. Cooking meat, fish or egg curry with no more refrigerators for 4-5 days is better not to eat. These same rules also apply to pizza, chicken patches or burgers.

    Step 8. The correct rules for cleaning the fridge: –

    how to clean fridge Guys, the refrigerator will always be kept clean. If you keep the refrigerator clean, the harmful bacteria will not be feebly mixed and there will be no bad odor in the food. According to the researcher’s experts, each refrigerator needs to smoke for 2-3 months. But if you see that bad smells are coming out from the refrigerator, then you can clear the refrigerator as soon as possible. In this case, take out all the foods that are frozen in the refrigerator first. Then each part of the refrigerator will be washed thoroughly with hot water mixed with soap or detergent. In this way, the bacteria that are lodged in every corner of the refrigerator will be destroyed if the fridge hits. As a result, the frozen food will reduce the chances of becoming ill, and will not cause unhealthy bad odor from food. After the fridge smoke becomes dry, until the water is dry well, do not have any food again in the refrigerator.

    Dear Guys, reviewing the above discussions, using the fridge in the right rules, you can get good services from your refrigerator for long periods and get frozen foods in fresh frozen foods.

    how to clean fridge with baking soda

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