How to Replace a Utility Sink Faucet: Step by step guide

    how to replace a utility sink faucet

    Utility sinks are helpful when you have a large washroom or you’re using it in the laundry room or your garage. It serves the compatibility and flexibility of using water everywhere. If you have the perfect utility sink installed in your workstation, you’ll be able to work freely.

    The question of how to replace a utility sink faucet comes when your faucet stops working or you want to upgrade. Well, utility sink faucets are almost the same faucet found in other sinks used in the kitchen. So, the installation process is almost the same.

    In this article, we’re going to show you how you can replace your utility sink faucet step by step.

    Let’s start!

    Tools required:

    • Your new faucet
    • A basin wrench
    • Putty knife
    • Plumber’s putty
    • Channel type pliers
    • A bucket in case

    How to remove a utility sink faucet

    1. The first step for this is to turn your water supply lines off. Turn off both cold and hot water supply lines. You can find out the valve under the sink.
    2. Drain water left in the line. Turn on your faucet and drain the remaining water. If you find out that your water supply lines are still working, maybe you have faulty valves. In this case, turn off the main water supply line to stop water from coming.
    3. Detach the supply line connectors using a wrench. While you’re doing this, try to keep the bucket underneath in case of water drips. Do this for both cold and hot water lines.
    4. Loosen and remove the faucet nut that’s holding the faucet with the basement. In most of the cases, the nut is attached to a base plate. Remove that nut with a basin wrench and remove the plate.
    5. After that, pull the faucet straight up. Put it somewhere safe and check there’s any deposit or debris. Clean those with a putty knife if required and prepare your sink for a new faucet.

    How to install a utility sink faucet

    1. Before moving into the installation process, make sure that you have a proper utility sink faucet that goes with your sink, and that meets your requirements.
    2. First of all, place your faucet. If it comes up with a gasket or rubber, don’t forget to put that first. Keep your faucet aligned and balanced. Go under the sink and attach the base plate with the faucet.
    3. After attaching the base plate, tighten it with a nut that comes with it. The basin wrench is required for this task. When you’re tightening, make sure your faucet is at its place and facing the right direction.
    4. When setting up the faucet is done, start attaching the supply lines. These lines can be attached to your hand. But use the wrench if you want. Do this for both water lines.
    5. When your water lines are attached take a look at the faucet and if you feel it’s ready, turn on the water supply line valve.
    6. Turn your faucet on for both sides and check if it’s working and the water is coming properly.

    Special tip

    Don’t overtighten any screws. Always try to find out the end using your common sense. If you over tighten, you may damage the threads.


    So, this is how you can replace your utility sink faucet. We tried to cover everything you need to do while you’re replacing your utility sink faucet. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to leave a comment here or contact us directly.

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