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 Gifting someone is a way of appreciating them. However, finding the perfect gift can be a bit overwhelming. How do you find the perfect gift for that special someone even when you are on a budget? The search ends at LBT Commodities catalog.

About LTD Commodities Catalog

Previously, it was known as ABC Distribution. LTD Commodities catalog offers free gift catalog options at affordable prices. Some of the gift options include sporting goods, apparels, home goods, stationery, jewelry and collectibles among others.

If you are looking to gift someone with home décor or furniture, you will be spoilt for choice. Get amazing deals whenever you purchase decorative accents, tables, lighting, stands, and any other similar items when you browse the furniture and home décor catalog.

The family owned and operated business has been in existence for over 50 years. They are a trusted national retailer who deals with quality and affordable merchandise allowing customers to make huge savings.

Requesting Items via LTD Commodities Catalog

ABC Distributing Catalog is not available anymore, but one can sign up on the LTD Commodities catalog website. Find the Sign Up for Free catalog page on their site and browse through the gift options.

Fill out the form on the page, and you will receive the gift catalog from the site. You will need to enter information such as your first and last name, mailing address, and email address where the catalog will be sent.

Promotional Emails

At the bottom of the Sign page, there is a checkbox under the email field. If you choose to check the box, you will receive promotional emails once in a while.  However, you have the option of leaving the box unchecked.

Requesting For the Catalog

Once you fill the form, click on the Sign Up option requesting the gift catalog to be sent to your email. It takes a few weeks.

Alternatively, you can call customer care desk at 1-847-295-6058 to request for your free catalog copy.

What Are The Restrictions?

Sadly, the LTD Commodities Catalog has a few restrictions. People outside the United States addresses will not receive the catalog. It is important to read through the catalog and see if some products can be sent to other countries outside the US.

Shopping Online- LTD Commodities Catalog

Online shopping makes everything so easy. For those who prefer shopping online, LTD Commodities catalog has that option.  Browse through the Shop Our catalog page and find the different catalog options they have in place. Order your gifts from the website and deliveries will be made. Buyers have the option of choosing their desired gifts by price listing. Another option is filtering the results based on average customer rating. Go for items with a 4 or 5-star rating.

Why Choose LTD Commodities Catalog

For starters, LTD Commodities has been in business for a long time and understood the needs of their clients.

  • Quality goods at affordable prices

If you are looking for affordable gifts, especially home décor or furniture, LTD Commodities is the perfect place to visit. The testimonials and reviews from the clients tell it all.

  • A wide array of gift options

We must admit buying gifts is not easy especially if you do not have anything specific in mind.  There is a wide array of both indoor and outdoor home décor and furniture options. Also, there are various themes to choose from when it comes to holiday décor gifts.

  • Fast delivery

Placing an order, payment, and delivery of the ordered goods is a quick and efficient process. As a client, issues such as delayed deliveries or wrong orders are unheard of, thanks to LTD Commodities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1. What are my shipping charges?

The shipping charges depend on the dollar amounts of the purchased goods. There is a single shipping charge for all products despite the number of boxes shipped. Also, there are additional charges for extra weight on size. However, clients will be informed beforehand of such extra costs. The total shipping cost arrives at the checkout process.

Step 2. What is the return policy?

In the unlikely event that your goods arrived in a damaged state, please contact the customer care team within 30 days. You can also contact them if you feel dissatisfied with your order. However, you can return personalized or monogrammed goods unless they have a defect.

LTD Commodities refunds your invoice but not the shipping fee. Keeping copies of your tracking number and invoices is important. However, you can still print them from Your Account tab.

Step 3. Checking your order status

Customers can call the customer care team to follow up on their order at the designated hours. Also, you can review the progress on Your Account page.

Step 4. Is my email address safe with LTD Commodities?

LTD Commodities will not share your email with any third party. The email will only be used for communication purposes and during registration.

Step 5. Is online shopping secure for me?

Yes. All orders and customer information is protected behind a firewall to stop any authorized access. None of your personal information such as credit card number or addressed leaks to third –parties. Also, the system does not store any sensitive information that might attract potential theft.

Step 6. Can one send an order as a gift?

Sending an order gift is possible. You have the option of sending a personalized gift too with a message not exceeding 110 characters.

Step 7. What information does the site collect?

At LTD Commodities, no personal and identifiable information is collected from visitors accessing the site. However, information such as your first and last name, and email address, and the mailing address.

You will need to provide additional information when placing an order or requesting for a catalog.

Step 8. Can I update the information on Your Account Tab?

Yes. Just log into your account and include any updated information such as your address or payment option. Enter the new information and click on the UPDATE button to effect the nee changes.

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