How To Choose The Right Cookware For Your Home Kitchen

    right cookware for your home kitchen

    ​Cooking is a combination of both art and emotion. Because through this process, we mix various types of ingredients and make some mouth-watering food that feels like a blessing! We may live without doing a lot of things but without cooking? I guess that’s a Big-No! No matter how lazy you’re, you have to go to the kitchen to mitigate your craving for some yummy food. But what if you don’t have the right cookware in your kitchen for the recipe you’re craving for? Well, that can be very frustrating. Having the ​​right cookware for your home kitchen is very important because each type of food requires different containers or vessels. And without the suitable cookware, you can’t prepare your desired meal.

    What is cookware?

    Cookware is simply the containers, vessels or utensils we use to cook and where we serve our dishes, such as fry pan, saucepan, pressure cooker, wok, skillets, pots, spoons, plates, etc.

    There are various types of cookware with distinct features, materials, and benefits. There are also separate types of cookware for some unique dishes. While cooking, you can use a regular container or vessel for all kinds of cooking, but it may not turn out to be good. As we need to wear different types of dresses for different occasions, and wearing the same dress to everywhere isn’t acceptable. Similarly, different food requires different cookware to be perfect and enjoyable.

    Cookware for Home Kitchen VS Commercial Kitchen- What’s the difference?

    Whether we cook at home in a restaurant, the same recipe will result in the same food depending on your expertise. But still, the pots and pans that are used for cooking are different in each situation. Cookware used in your home’s kitchen is not suitable to use in a restraint’s kitchen and vice versa. You may wonder why so, and what are the differences between these two types?

    • Size: At our home, we usually use regular size or standard size cookware. Because that size is enough to cook the amount of food for 4-5 people. But in restaurants, chefs have to prepare for more than a hundred people every day, and that requires big containers.
    • Material: The material for cookware used in home and restaurants are different. Because in restaurants, the pots and pans have to stay in high heat for a continuous long time. Those pots and pans also require heavy cleaning. But this is not the case in the home’s kitchen. As a result, the pots and pans of restaurants are more durable and sturdy than home kitchens.
    • Customized: At home, we use the pots and pans that are available in a general store and cook on them. But in restaurants, the cookwares are customized, and most of the time, they’re fixed with the restaurant’s kitchen. Because foods get cooked there frequently, and for convenience, restaurants use customized cookware that is not needed in a home kitchen.
    • Price & Availability: The price of the restaurant cookware is much higher than those that are used in a home kitchen. Because restaurants use high quality, high maintenance, different material, and customized cookware, you can’t find those in a general superstore. But the cookware we use at our home is not very pricy and always available.

    Importance of having the right cookware in your kitchen

    Cookware is the combination of cooking vessels or containers usually found in the kitchen. There’s no need to say that without these utensils, you won’t be able to cook anything at all! But if you want to cook properly and want a good result of your cooking, you need to have the right cookware in your kitchen.

    There are different types of cookware for different purposes with various benefits. You have to think and decide what kind of food you’re going to make and what type of container and utensils will be best for that. You can’t cook rice in a frying pan or make an omelet on a pot! Food prepared in dissimilar cookware tastes different. For example, meat tastes delicious when cooked in a cast-iron pot, but loses its distinctive flavor when made in stainless-steel container.

    It not wise to have the utensils in your kitchen, which you don’t know how to operate and not comfortable to you. You have to feel relaxed and know your cookware. Having the right cookware also helps to reduce the mess and saves time while cooking. It also increases your creativity in cooking and makes your life easier.

    There are different cookware for different cooking, such as baking, boiling, frying, mixing, etc. And having the right equipment for each of these types is essential in your kitchen.

    Right cookware for your regular home kitchen

    Let’s now talk about some must-have cookware in your kitchen with which you can prepare almost all kinds of regular foods. And sometimes these will cover for you even if you try to make something different!

    Preparation Tools

    • Chef’s Knife
    • Cutting Board
    • Measuring cups
    • Mixing bowls
    • Whisk
    • Bread Knife
    • Vegetable Peeler
    • Plates

    Cookware & Bakeware

    • Stainless steel Skillet
    • Sauté Pan
    • Sauce Pan
    • Grill pan
    • Stockpot
    • Pressure Cooker
    • Baking sheet pan
    • Muffin pan

    Tools & Utensils

    • Spatula
    • Stirring Spoon
    • Ladle
    • Oven Mitts

    Appliances & Others

    • Blender
    • Oven
    • Storage container
    • Sponge
    • Dish rack

    Tips for Choosing the Right Cookware with right Material!

    You’ve already got some clear idea about the importance of the right cookware, how it eases your life and what are the essential cookware for your kitchen. Now it’s time to know some tips while choosing the right cookware to complete your knowledge.

    • Stainless Steel: This material is the most common, long-lasting, easy to maintain and doesn’t react with food. Also compatible with dishwasher and oven.
    • Copper: Copper has an excellent heat conduction, ideal for sautéing, frying, etc. and mostly used by professional chefs. It’s expensive than others and reacts with acidic foods.
    • Non-Stick: If you want to cook food with low fat, then no-stick is a perfect option for you. Easy to clean but gets damaged with over heat.
    • Aluminum: Aluminum heats well and resists corrosion. But it’ll be better if you buy pots and pans with a protective anodized coating. Uncoated aluminum reacts with acidic ingredients.
    • Cast-Iron:  Cast iron warms slowly but distributes heat evenly, and works well as the time passes. But it requires high maintenance to keep it working the way it should.

    Final Words!

    Cooking is an art, and the artwork will only be outstanding if you use the right combination of components. Cookware is an essential part of that combination that can affect your cooking the most. But don’t get panicked! Do some analysis and choose good-quality individual pieces or sets that suit the kind of cooking you do.

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