Roof vegetable garden construction ideas-Review in 2018-Complete Guide


Roof vegetable garden construction

roof vegetable garden construction ideas details

Guys, the roof of the roof increases the beauty of the roof. The roof of your house may be open blank. If you wish, you can do it in the open blank roof, fruit-flower or vegetable garden. It is also possible to earn some extra money if you want to fulfill your family’s food nutrition needs. To make some gardening in the roof of the house, do some good wishes or initiatives and follow some appropriate tips. You can garden on the rooftops in two ways. These two methods are: –

★ 1. Permanent bed method and

★ 2. Temporary tub method.

The above method is a very well-known and effective method for gardening on two roofs. Below are brief discussions of these two methods.

Roof vegetable garden construction:

★ 1. Permanent bed method:-

Forming a bed with a long-term plan on the specific place of your roof is a permanent bed method. You can create long-term gardens on this approach. In this process, 10 to 12 beds can be made on a rooftop roof of 300 sqft area, and vegetables can be grown year after year for a family of 6 to 7 members. You can spread a slightly thick polythene paper to the specific place of the roof and make it 4 feet long 4 feet width and 2 feet height bed. Before making the bed, there is no reason to lose roof if polythene paper is provided on the rooftop floor. Once in the process, you will be able to plant gardens after bed.

★ 2. Temporary Tob System:-

Temporary or tub system is created by preparing short-term plans. The possibility of risk is very low and this method is very effective. It is possible to garden the roof anytime in the tub system. This method is very familiar to everyone on the roof of the garden. You can create gardens on your roof by using various tools such as the drum, pot, bucket, container etc. Besides, it is available to buy many beautiful and attractive tubes on the market; You can create gardens by gathering the choice. You can also use a lot of dishes as your bathroom. Drum or Container Cut the trees in the middle of a suitable tub is made. One great advantage of the tub method is that if you wish you can move the tub one place to another place. Tub method for gardening on your roof is undoubtedly a time-consuming and effective method.

Roof vegetable garden construction

A. Grounded soil collection:-

If you have to plant a garden on the roof, it is necessary to plant seed or saplings first. And suitable soil for planting seed or seedlings is necessary. You can not plant sap on any soil. Because the seed does not sprout from seed on any soil. The soil suitable for planting seed or seedling is poly or clay soil. A sow can be sown very easily on the soil of sediments or soil. So you need to collect silt or dried soil to garden your roof. Nowadays, the market is found to buy suitable soil for roofing; You can collect soil from the market if you wish. After collecting the soil, you need to add quantitative biological or chemical fertilizers to the soil and fill that soil inorganic or rancid fertilizer. You can plant seeds or saplings from 15 days after the soil is filled.

B. Rooftop garden or seedling collection:-

To grow the garden on the roof, you will have to choose a little less fruit growing tree. In this case, you can collect seeds or seedlings by approaching the nearest Agriculture Department or nursery. It is possible to cultivate almost all types of small trees in your garden. You can cultivate fruit, flowers, vegetables, and vegetables on the roof. I am giving up the name of some plantable trees on the roof

Roof vegetable garden construction by Fruit, Flowers, Spinach, Vegetable.

  1. Fruit: – Mango, Apple, Grapes, Orange, Guava, Papaya, Banana, Jujube, Pomegranate, Lemon, Lychee, Golden Appel, etc.
  1. Flowers: – Rose, Gardenia, Marigold, Bela, Sunflower, Chanpa, Poppi, Cockscomb, Cina box, Zinnia, Tuberose, Canna, Fool foot, Night Queen, Wood Champa, Cactus, Dahlia, etc
  1. Spinach: – Red Amaranth, Spinach, Indian Spinach, Malabar-Spinach, Celery, etc
  1. Vegetable: – Bitter Gourd, Teasle gourd, Chinese cabbage, Wax gourd, Snake gourd, Ridge gourd, Tomato, Brinjal, Green pepper, Cucumber, etc

If you cultivate the above-mentioned trees in the right way in your garden, then hopefully it will be very easy to grow.

C. Proper care of the garden:-

The main theme of the garden is the service. Without proper care, there is no profit in the garden. Below are brief discussions about the following gardening tips:

Roof vegetable garden construction

1. Irrigation or drainage:-

It is necessary to provide water in the morning in the garden. It is not possible to save the garden trees without water. You will have to bind each of the trees in the beginning of the morning for water supply. Through the tab or any other, each plant will have to be separated separately from the tree. If you take regular water, the plants will grow very easily.

2. Pruning of stalks:-

It is better to prune the weak or diseased plants in the garden. If pruning weak trees, healthy vigorous plants can grow very easily. Moreover, there are numerous trees that are pruning occasionally. Need to use scissors or stoneware while pruning trees. Tree trees with prickly scissors or pruning can cause long-term damage.

3. Regular fertilizer or force applied:-

Applying irregular fertilizers or balls to the garden should be beneficial. According to the quantity required to fertilize each tree. In this case, you will need to clean the roots of each tree and keep it safe. Remember that the fertilizer is harmful to the trees in more than two cases. Therefore, fertilization should be applied to specific application levels on each tree.

4. Suppression of Disease:-

Disease prevention of disease in the garden of the tree as soon as possible. Planting the diseased plants from the garden will be thrown over. If there is an attack on boiled grapes in the garden, they will have to kill them by hanging their hands. You can spray soap mixed water while attacking the leaf. But do not use Insecticide medicine as far as possible. Only if the situation is too critical, only use Insecticide.

Guys, let us plan from today to build a blank roof of our house with flowers and vegetables.

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